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Michele Schultz

A festival circuit win of Audience Choice Award, Best Feature, Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast, Triple Threat is a PRIDE month must-watch!
Triple Threat Official Movie PosterMelanie Márquez, Senior Publicist & Events Manager/M4PR

Millennial LGBQT+ musical love story asks the straightforward question on the theatrical film poster in bold capitalized Barbie pink font, 'ONCE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE, THEN WHAT?'.

Triple Threat touches on the dreams of Broadway stardom and adulthood as three long-time friends--Chloe (Stacey Maltin, writer-director), Maggie (Margarita Zhitnikova, producer), and Gus (Jay DeYonker, co-writer) face a decision-making choice. Fresh out of college, Chloe and Maggie put their all into creating their new original musical, ''Firefly''--- ten years of hard work pay off when the show gets picked up for a Broadway premiere. In their thirties, each realizes that happiness might look different from what a younger self envisioned—from parenthood to partnerships to professional success.

Maltin says,

‘Triple Threat’ is a film exploring the creation of art and it also presents a fresh perspective on gender roles when it comes to creating life and family. I've always looked at my creative projects as my film babies and I'm so excited that Gravitas has taken this one under its wing to introduce it to the world.

Maltin continues,

More and more women want their dreams to come true before they start the journey towards motherhood. More and more men don’t want to wait. The romantic comedy genre was badly in need of a makeover, and ‘Triple Threat’ creates a beautiful and believable world that gives a fresh perspective to the societal gender binary—in an inclusive way.
Triple Threat Film Still Main LeadsMelanie Márquez, Senior Publicist & Events Manager/M4PR

During the press screening, Triple Threat is a visual biography comparison to, ''Tick, Tick, Boom!'' from the millennial perspective. The film's respectful inclusivity of the LGBQ+ representation is a PRIDE month list to must-watch.

A theatrical release arrives in select theaters and VOD on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, including an in-person Red-Carpet New York premiere screening, which will take place at The Quad Cinema at 7 p.m. EST,

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