Fashion Student Open Share To Shine On Clothing Therapy

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The fashion industry representation of an awe-inspiring vision board, but a lot needs to get done.
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Let's face it, the fashion industry compile of masses forecast what is trendy, the designers, fashion week, retail, and a lot more.

Thanks to a fashion student who openly shared expect to shine a light on this topic and every expertise around clothing therapy.

What is it about clothes that can change a person who went through an experience?

Reclaiming your body and finding that inner confidence once again is what it's all about. It's also common to have the sudden urge to discover a completely different style or something like dying your hair to become this new you. Introducing clothing designs based on comfort and security, so the only thing on your mind while wearing it is how safe you feel- rather than worrying if your circulation is getting cut off because it's too tight.

Why does a trauma change feel about the clothes? Why shed light on clothing therapy?

Going through a sexual trauma of any kind requires a great deal of strength and preservation. After being touched in an unwanted way, it's only normal to feel disconnected from your body. It's even easier to start developing deep hate for what you see in the mirror. Let's remind those men and women how beautiful they were before that incident and how beautiful the person standing here is today. To know your style and what kind of clothes make you feel great is a gift. What better way to start helping others discover that gift than with a group of bold, sexual trauma survivors. They desperately need the attention that they rightfully deserve in the fashion industry.

A clothing therapy is not a commonly practiced form of healing, but it should be the answer to helping a collective of people feel alive again.


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