Opinion Editorial: Making Family Game Night Unforgettable

Michele Orsinger

Getting back to the basics with something as simple as playing a game with your loved ones could help heal a lot of our sadness. It could bring us closer to each other in a world that's trying to divide us. I look forward to hearing what each of you decide on for family game night. Let me know in the comments!

One of my favorite childhood memories was sitting around the kitchen table for family game night. Sometimes it was good old fashioned Rummy, maybe even Monopoly (that was the worst), I was really partial to CandyLand and Yahtzee. Regardless of what game was on that list, it created an escape from the real world - if only for a couple hours.

Households should really get back into that type of bonding experience. Over the past few years, we’ve only had family game night a handful of times. That’s about to change and I’m here to tell you exactly why… and what pulled me back into it. Through the endless ideas that constantly pop up while scrolling Facebook, something intriguing caught my eye. Pretty sure all of you know exactly what I’m talking about. So, curiosity got the best of me and I started looking into these “game” sites… well, then more similar things started popping up and I was reading about each of them too. It was like research on which would be the most fun. Let me break it down for you - I’ll try to keep it short and sweet…

The first thing I came across was something called a ‘Murder Mystery Box’ and it jumped right off the screen and into my subconscious. Apparently, there’s multiple different companies that make the same type of thing… some can be bought outright and others are shipped via monthly subscriptions. The one I decided on is called Murder Mystery in a Box and it’s out of this world. A new ‘case file’ is shipped the last week of every month… and every ‘case’ revolves around the same fictional town. It’s like getting to know an entire community that doesn’t exist… while solving crimes that never happened.

Time for game night...Michele Orsinger

Another thing I came across was a surprise date night book… that looks like so much fun. Realistically, it’s not really our kinda thing. If we were younger and I wasn’t in poor health, that probably would have been purchased too. There’s just going to be a lot of things in there my body would never allow me to handle. So, we went with the ‘brain game’ to start out. If any of you are adventurous though - I highly recommend these date night subscriptions. Friends of mine purchased them and made so many new memories. It’s all about personal preference.

Not every family game night needs to cost money… there’s so many other things to do together. I still have my handy deck of cards (I use them to win against my hubby). We have so many board games… we even have a tabletop cornhole game! One of the next things we’re doing is more messy though. I bought a canvas and am putting it on my art easel, filling up the paint trays… then setting a timer. We’ll each be alternating every 3 minutes painting whatever we want onto it. Not sure how it’ll turn out and it doesn’t even matter… the hubby and I will have a blast making it. Guessing I should wear old clothes though - he’ll probably end up covering me in paint… good thing it washes right off. I’ll keep you guys posted about that one, for sure.

It’s so important to keep making memories within your family unit… one day those memories will be all you have left. In a world full of sadness and violence, we need to have something wholesome and fun to hold onto. Family game night is a way to escape the reality of what surrounds us on the streets and focus solely on those inside our walls. Go grab yourself a pizza… put down your phones… turn off the TV… and find your next adventure. You’ll thank yourself in the long run… I guarantee it.

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