Opinion Editorial: Curse of the Cricut Experience

Michele Orsinger

Just a fun little story about my newest adventure in crafting. There's probably a lot of you who can relate. The only advice I have is simple - if you want to do it, just do it. Go all in.

The theory of crafting is supposed to be something that relaxes you… makes you feel like you’ve accomplished amazing things. What happens when that’s not the outcome expected - oh, just let me tell you about my newest journey. I would call it an adventure, but that overstates it on every level. My experience was a journey through the pits of fire and brimstone… literally. Keep on reading though, after the complete chaos there was success… if you wanna call it success. I haven’t made anything yet - it’s only been designed. Cross your fingers for me, say a few prayers… some good vibes might help.

This newest idea came to me after spending the past year and a half trying to find someone to design our business shirts. If any of you are small business owners, you’ll be able to understand our struggle. We thought luck was playing out in our favor… had someone who had fantastic ideas and gave her the go-ahead to make them. After dropping off over $200 worth of shirts and hoodies - we waited… and waited… and waited. The only thing that remained consistent after that was the number of ignored messages and voicemails. Guess we’ll chalk that one up as a business expense loss… time to move on.

Since then, a couple other people have tried to help. They just couldn’t seem to grasp the vision that was in my brain. It’s not their fault. After all, my brain is a pretty confusing place most of the time. The only option I was left with (in my chaotic mind) was to buy everything needed and just do it myself… guess that’s a human nature thing… maybe. This leads my story to “current day” - almost 18 months after frustration sank in. You see, not only do we need business apparel made… we also started a homeless outreach. The time has come that double (possibly even triple) the quantity needed then… well, they’re needed now. What’s a woman to do, you ask… probably not what my brain peer pressured me into doing.

Back of the shirt design so far...Michele Orsinger

In my living room sits a brand new Cricut Explore Air 2 (with all the accessories), the most fabulous heat press I ever saw… AND… and 2 smart phones that aren’t compatible, 2 laptops that aren’t compatible… while my sanity is slowly drifting away. Hopefully ya’ll are keeping up so far with the “journey” that makes we want to smack myself. I can assure you that it gets even better. My brain ended up convincing my bank account that I needed a brand new HP laptop. Yes, I’m being serious right now… I ordered one.

Front of the shirt design...Michele Orsinger

To any of you who have the same thought process that I’ve been dealing with… GO ALL IN… just do it. Order everything you want and if you need a brand new computer too… order that. This is probably the most “off the wall” decision I’ve made in a long time (my husband backed the idea completely) and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing OR a bad thing. What I do know is simple - I spent 7 hours today trying to configure this new HP… I lost a little more of my sanity… but, I designed the most fabulous business shirt ever. It’s a journey that I don’t regret in the slightest… it’s turning into an adventure. That’s a status to be determined if I can figure out how to print it (or as Cricut says - make it) first… and get the logos applied to the surfaces I want them on. Cheers to what happens next - I’ll make sure to keep you posted…

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