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Opinion Editorial: Uvalde, Texas… a Community Shattered

Michele Orsinger

As I’m trying to wrap my brain around the murderous rampage of innocent lives yesterday in Uvalde, Texas… my heart is breaking and my soul is devastated. Times have changed since the days of my youth. Discipline is lacking and respect for others has drifted to the wayside. After reading numerous articles… thousands of comments… one thing stands out - blame is being placed where it shouldn’t be. This act of evil wasn’t political or demographic. Yesterday was about the hatred and mental illness trapped within an 18 year old individual… a man who should have never been able to get his hands on a firearm. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. The blame solely rests on his shoulders.

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There’s enough division occurring in society that something needs to change. We’re members of communities, we have family and friends, we’re neighbors - the time has come that we should all act like it. Each one of us has our own free will… we have our own opinions and beliefs. Since when is that a reason to hate another person… it’s not. The differences within each of us are what America stands for - freedom. Those innocent lives lost yesterday were done so in vain… they were stolen. It’s devastating and unforgiving. It’s also becoming commonplace and there needs to be a way to stop it.

One thing I’ve been adamant on over the years is security within schools. Children are our future… it’s our responsibility to protect them. The options are endless when it comes to how we can accomplish that. The problem with enacting new safety measures is that no one can come to an understanding… or an agreement. It all boils down to heated battles during school board meetings - battles among the adults regarding adult issues… republican versus democrat… anti-gun versus pro-gun… religious beliefs versus lack of belief. For once, I would like to read about (or watch a video) of a meeting that involves what’s best for the children. Is it the responsibility of the school to keep our youth safe - YES… but, that can't be accomplished fully without the agreement of parents. It’s a two-way street that seems to alway hit a dead end.

There are thousands of retired service members and police officers who could patrol schools. Teachers could be given the option of firearm training and concealed carry. There are outreach organizations that could volunteer time to help secure the buildings. Between all the divisions among us, we need to find a point of unity within it. Our children deserve that… at the least. It may not solve the issue at hand completely, but it will curb it and serve as a deterrent… it could save lives. Isn’t saving lives what matters the most…seriously.

Families were shattered yesterday. A community in Texas was shattered. The country as a whole was shattered. Parents are afraid to send their children to school… and the children are afraid to go to school. We need to come together in an effort to stop this cycle of violence. We need to put our adult issues to the side and consider what’s best for the future generation. After all, this isn’t the same world each of us were raised in… we can all agree on that. The time is NOW to enact solutions… the longer we wait, the more violence will find its way through the door. None of this is about you or me… it’s about our children and our grandchildren.

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