Fiction Fun: The Shenanigans of Tango - Learning how to Kitten Perfectly

Michele Orsinger

Hi again, everyone. My mommy said that you all liked getting to meet me and that’s the coolest thing ever. She told me that I could come back and tell everyone all about my adventures. It’s been so much fun living in this house. I tried to be sneaky yesterday and followed my man human (AKA Daddy) outside… I ran back in so fast. Think I’ll just stay in here where I’m not shivering. I’m not sure what being a kitten means, but my lady human (AKA Mommy) says I’m doing a great job of being one. Then she gives me lots of ear rubs… I like those.
Michele Orsinger

It’s so different living somewhere that I can’t climb up in trees and stuff. Guess it’s not really bad though because there’s so much to jump on top of and lots of places to hide. There’s even some kind of thing on top of the bathroom counter that has good stuff in it. When it’s empty, all I have to do is make some loud noises and it somehow fills back up. This house my daddy told me about really is a magical place… he’s always right. I’m keeping this man human forever!

Today was a little strange for me. I couldn’t get my brother who meows funny to play. He always chases me around and we have so much fun together. All he wanted to do was take naps, our mommy said something about an allergy… I don’t know what that is. So, I had to occupy myself and ended up finding all kinds of new spots to hide in. She looked and looked until I would jump out at her. It was a lot of fun. I did end up taking a nap with my brother and I think that made him feel better. He’s finally hanging out with me and I don’t have to play alone.

I learned how to use my paws for new things too. My humans keep some black thing on the table… when I step all over it, it makes some ringing sound. It scared me at first until they put it up to their head and started talking. Not really sure who they were talking to, but I’m glad that I could help them out with it. I’m getting to be pretty smart now that I’ve been here for a few months. My lady human (AKA Mommy) said that I’d be a lot more help if I had thumbs though… what are they… I don’t know and she won’t tell me. Guess I’ll have to figure it out.

I have to go now, I can hear my man human’s big machine coming. I need to go say hello since I missed him so much while he was gone! Mommy said I can talk to all of you again another day… MEEEEOOOOWWWW
Michele Orsinger

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