Fiction Fun... Story of a Rescue Kitten - My Name is Tango and I Found a Home

Michele Orsinger

When my mommy said she was going to write a story introducing me to everyone, I was so excited… I had the zoomies like crazy. I don’t know what she means by a story, but she sure makes it sound exciting. It’s so strange not roaming around outside. I like it though because these people give me all kinds of snacks. No more trash cans for me, I’m royalty now.
My name is Tango...Michele Orsinger

There’s this purple thing around my neck and I’m not really sure if I like it, they say it makes me look fancy though, so I’ll keep it on for a little bit. It’s been a lot of fun here the past few months. Well, except for the time I fell into a huge puddle. I just thought if my daddy was having fun in it, I could too. He’s not a normal human because that wasn’t fun at all. It was pretty scary. I still don’t know why they were laughing at me… it wasn’t very funny. They can keep their puddle, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore.

I even have a brother now - he meows funny and can’t get into all the cool places like I can. He’s so jealous and makes weird noises when he can’t reach me. Sometimes I even jump on top of him… then we run around and drive the lady human (AKA mommy) crazy. It’s so much fun having a brother. We even tag teamed a plastic bag together last night because it smelled yummy. There wasn’t anything in it though. I think these humans are teasing us. They had a mess to clean up this morning and it served them right… we wanted extra snacks.

I’m so happy that I found these humans. I was curious one day when I heard a loud noise in my neighborhood. It was some kind of machine and a man human (AKA daddy) got out. When I ran up to investigate, he saw me… my stealth mode must not have been working. Then he took something out of that machine and it was so delicious. When I ate it all, I chased him up and down the alley looking for more. Another big machine was coming towards us, so he picked me up to make sure I was safe. He has big hands… I curled up in them. He promised that he would come back for me. I didn’t think he would because I had some type of thing growing out of my belly. It was big and annoying.

It was a different machine that came and took me though… I was a little confused since these weren’t the same humans. Next thing I knew, my bed was in a cage and these strangers made me go to sleep. I didn’t like it. When I woke up, that lump on my belly was gone and my ear looked funny. They said I was grumpy and didn’t like anyone. I just wanted that man human to come get me like he promised. I really liked that fella since he fed me good stuff.

A few days later, I was in an even smaller cage and a lady carried me outside after someone knocked on her door. I stayed so quiet because it was all so weird… then I heard someone say “Tango… where’s my baby boy”... that was my man human (AKA daddy). He came back for me just like he promised. I heard that lady say it was the first time she heard me make a sound. I didn’t try to be mean while I was there… I just wanted my own humans… and they found me. I just meowed and meowed. I wanted to know what this new home they promised me was all about.
Michele Orsinger

This new home is so awesome. I get to sleep with my favorite humans… I get to play with my brother that meows funny… and I’m not cold anymore. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to WOOF like my brother does. He’s teaching me so many new things. He’s my best friend. We have so much fun together. I may not know what royalty is… but my favorite humans (AKA mommy and daddy) told me that’s what I am. It must be a good thing.

My name is Tango and I found a home… I’ll be one year old soon.

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