Editorial: Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Dime

Michele Orsinger

As we continue living life under these “new normal” guidelines, emotions seem to be taking a toll on a lot of people. It’s difficult to fathom that so much of society has forgotten what it means to be kind. There seems to be more judgement and hatred than before this pandemic descended upon us. It really did bring out the worst in some folks. What a shame.

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As soon as society was locked away like rats in a cage, social media took off faster than a rocket ship. The internet started pitting one against the other - as if we need to take sides during life and death situations. It’s been a total catastrophe for almost 2 years now. It’s time for compassion to make a comeback… time for empathy and love… time for kindness towards our fellow man - it doesn’t cost a dime to provide these things.

Can anyone truly remember when we looked out for our neighbors?

Can anyone remember the days of helping someone in need?

Has it all been stripped away and forgotten?

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I’m not talking about helping someone because you think others are watching you… I mean genuinely helping out of the kindness of your heart. Helping others because that’s what we have been raised to do. There’s something about the simple purity behind those days and I really miss it. Kindness today appears one-sided in a lot of situations… used for bragging rights. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. This so-called “kindness” over the past 22 months feels discriminatory… in every aspect. While this isn’t always the case - it’s definitely obvious in most circumstances. We’re no longer Americans on the path of being united, it appears an entirely new wedge was driven between us.

When I venture out into society now, I witness hatred on a whole new level. It’s heartbreaking. I have spoken to people who refuse to interact with others based on their political affiliation… because of their vaccine status. This just adds to the discrimination already present within our borders… the religious and racial tensions that just don’t seem to ever fade… the sexual orientation phobia. America is NOT and should never be about separation - it should be about unity. My hope is the day will come that everyone realizes that… the day we put those hatchets down and start treating everyone equally. My wish is that it happens in my lifetime.

The world has become ugly enough… it’s time to make it a lot more beautiful. It’s time to realize that every last one of us are in this for the long haul. It’s time to come together and make the world a better place. Love is free… compassion is priceless… and kindness doesn’t cost a dime. Let’s prove to the world what being an American really does mean… without all the hate. God bless and stay safe, ya’ll… while spreading kindness wherever you can.

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