Editorial: Who is Living Behind your Mirror

Michele Orsinger

They say the mirror is the heart of the soul… it shows who we are and who we don’t want to be. It holds our secrets behind it for no one else to see. The mirror keeps our wishes and secrets safe. Sounds crazy, I know. Think about it for a minute - if you have a minute to spare. We all have moments where we try to rationalize reality… a reality we try to accept as our own. Maybe those moments don’t belong to us. Maybe it’s what we wish and dream for. The mirror that holds our hopes and dreams could also hold our escape from reality… to real life.

Does your mirror hold the same as mine… does it hold things we’ll never speak of. I opened my eyes in front of that mirror today. I wish that I didn’t. It’s not the secrets that hold us back, it’s what we see behind that mirror… it’s our reflection.

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Depression has so many definitions… it holds a grasp on so many. I’ll never let it take a hold over me or my life. When I look in the mirror, I see myself… I see who I’m destined to be. My wish is that each of you look into that same mirror and see yourselves. Determine your own path and future… decide who you want to become. That mirror you’re looking into is a reflection of your soul… your destiny… the fate that is yours alone.

I shattered my mirror… the pieces are scattered on the floor waiting to be picked up. Some say that it brings 7 years of bad luck - it brings me freedom. If ya’ll want your freedom… shatter your mirror too. Don’t let depression define you… don’t let who you are be shown through a reflection. Pick your path… determine your purpose and shatter that mirror everyone says defines you. Define yourself.

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