Editorial: Good Riddance 2021

Michele Orsinger

As the old adage goes - out with the old, in with the new. Let’s hope that 2022 believes that… this past year sure didn’t. I’m not saying 2021 was all doomsday and destruction (that title was given to 2020) - but, it sure didn’t carry with it the love, hope and blessings from years past. What we saw the most of in Central Pennsylvania was family-owned businesses closing their doors - some were bought out by big-box chains. Central Pennsylvania carried with it murder and violence on all new levels. The hatred became contagious and the shootings just kept multiplying. Innocent bystanders were gunned down, so many families destroyed… children left orphaned. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that ONLY impacted my area, it affected the entire country… and it’s depressing.

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So, here’s my New Year’s wish for 2022

Good riddance 2021 and all the havoc you carried for a dozen months. Dear 2022, I have total faith that you’ll be the best year yet. I have the hope that struggling families can become self-sufficient once again. I pray that those who lost their businesses during the pandemic find new ventures to pursue… and I wish love and healing to everyone who lost someone they deeply care about. Think you can handle that, 2022… I sure hope so.

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What could be better than a wish - after all, a New Year's resolution seems so selfish in a way. We shouldn’t make a deal with the universe to go to the gym or eat less chocolate… we shouldn’t pledge to work harder or take better care of ourselves - these are things we should be doing every day of the year. So, let’s change up tradition a bit and throw the resolution idea in the trash. It’s time to bring in the New Year’s wish - something we can all share with each other. It can be used to help hold our friends and neighbors up… to keep them pushing forward in a world that pushes back. It can be used to provide strength to those who can’t find their own. There is so much positive that can be spread by making a wish… or even sending a prayer, if you’re the praying type. Let’s make 2022 about more than just ourselves… let’s make it about our communities.

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I look forward to hearing what each of you wish for this year. Let me hear it in the comments or shoot me an email at viraldesignsjewelry@gmail.com… it would be pretty fantastic to expand on this editorial with a second one that includes the wishes carried within each and every one of you. After all, I don’t write for myself… I write to reach the ears and hearts of others. I try to provide a voice to those who feel they have lost their own. Happy New Year, ya’ll. God bless and stay safe.

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