Editorial: A Letter to Betty White

Michele Orsinger

Today is a somber day in the entertainment industry. It’s a day we should be celebrating another year coming to an end… instead, we are saying good-bye to a legend. A woman who graced the big screen with beauty, finesse, and a whole lot of spunk - Betty White has entered into a new world where death no longer exists. There are already thousands of articles covering her untimely passing… so, my tribute will be paid to her in another way. Here is my letter to Betty White…

Dear Betty White,

This letter may have never reached you while you were still here on Earth. So, I decided to write it after you left this world for a better place. The impact you had on the lives of millions of women throughout your career is astronomical. The strength and humbleness you preached, the humor you shared with us all… these things will be carried with me forever.

As a young lady who came from a dysfunctional home, watching you through every season of The Golden Girls made me realize one thing… being dysfunctional isn’t really all bad. There’s a lot of good in it too. What’s important is to accept the simpleness life has to offer… use humor to deflect some pain… and always be proud. It’s crazy how I absorbed all of this from a sitcom. To me, it wasn’t just a TV show… it was proof that we can all co-exist in one way or another.

You made the world a better place by just existing - now, you’re making Heaven a better place. You are a legend… you always will be. Thank you for being an inspiration to generations of women over the years. There are many of us who aspire to be like you - on a moral level.

Tonight’s toast when the clock strikes midnight is for you, Betty White… may your soul be resting peacefully.


One of your millions of fans

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With all the hits 2021 handed us, the year just had to sneak another one in. Here’s to hoping 2022 is a whole lot better. Happy New Year, everyone… God bless and stay safe.

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