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Most of our lives revolve around social media - it’s how we find out what’s happening around us while still keeping up with the hustle and bustle of daily life. There is so much information thrown out into cyberspace that everything is literally at our fingertips. The most important of these is our constant access to news related topics. One individual decided to make an impact on his hometown… Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Matt Moyer began his local coverage of events approximately a year ago. About 6 months later, his Facebook page was launched and is quickly gaining the momentum and notoriety it deserves. Local Channel 5 Ratchet News Station offers the community a first hand account of the happenings going on. Matt covers topics of every type and also dedicates his time to helping improve the living conditions within Harrisburg. His short 6 months of being in front of the camera for his viewers has gained his news channel over 15,000 followers already. He’s on his way to the top and taking the community with him.

Local Channel 5 Ratchet News Station

One impact that is of the utmost importance to Matt is bridging the gap between community and policing. This is something that is vital to everyone - the older and younger generations alike. When it comes to the older population, they can remember the days of safety… of running around through the city without a care in the world. That generation now has to live life a different way. They can’t allow their children to wander the same streets they once did. They can’t send them off to school without worrying. It’s a sad decline in what life was like “back in the day” and it’s a struggle. Matt covers these topics multiple times a day in his live video streams. He is on the front lines of as many situations as he can be… police calls, fire and EMS calls, various community events - there’s no stopping him. There is so much more than just that when it comes to the reach he has since his news channel launched. Matt also helps with the homeless, he’s used his voice to aid in finding lost children and pets, he cleans up the city (blocks at a time) with other individuals he’s met along the way. Streets that were once impassable due to the amount of garbage and debris are now cleared. It’s said that when a community comes together, it becomes safer - there’s some truth to that.

When it comes to the impact Matt provides to the citizens of Harrisburg, it’s his heart… his purity and compassion. It’s his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure each person is aware of what’s occurring in their own back yard. He has a way about him that the viewers can feel what he feels. His sadness at every scene which involves serious injury or death can be felt in each word he speaks… in his facial expression when he can’t find the words. That’s a magic not many people in front of the camera possess. Matt isn’t afraid to show his emotion to the audience - he prefers that they see it. After all, that’s the best way to make a difference. He truly flourishes on screen.

Matt Moyer Facebook Image

Local Channel 5 Ratchet News Station is the newest craze and sensation to hit the streets of Harrisburg. The community has a reporter in their corner because he’s a member of that same community. The stories he covers aren’t only in everyone else’s back yards, they’re in his own back yard. Matt went from running the streets when he was younger to covering the streets now… a phenomenal transformation. That’s a message he wants to make sure the entire younger generation takes hold of. It’s not about who anyone is right now… it’s about who they have the potential to become. Some people teach lessons, some people learn lessons - the best and bravest do both. The top is only as far as each of us are willing to climb… it’s time for the citizens of Harrisburg to start climbing together… as one.

There’s so much more to cover in regards to the newest “in your face” reporter who wanders the streets of the city… a superhero in disguise, you could say. Those stories will be saved for another time and another day. This story ends with words straight from Matt Moyer himself, “The issue is we deem things the biggest but they are all tied together! We need to get illegal guns off the street while still focusing on drug addiction and the plague it’s causing in our city. I want the next generation to live with less violence and seeing more safe streets they can walk on filled with great people. Stay safe, stay abreast, stay ratchet.” Go check out Matt’s news page… you won’t be disappointed. Until next time…

Local Channel 5 Ratchet News Station

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