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Stop the Hate in Harrisburg

Michele Orsinger

Whether it be personal to each of us, or personal to each other, the death toll in Harrisburg is rising. The death toll is rising from overdoses, murders, neglect and suicide. It’s heartbreaking and preventative. It seems that we’re in an age where respect of lives doesn't really matter. The children going to school each and every day don’t matter… they are suffering violence from the outside… from the inside. Violence isn’t the answer. How have we been drawn to hate? How have we been stuck in a situation like this? It’s unacceptable… it’s not how we were all accustomed to be. Our children should be safe. School should be their sacred ground. Whether in the inner city or not, these are our children… Harrisburg’s children. We all need to come together for them… seriously.

With the violence and threats thrown out there… the current police presence due to these threats, isn’t there more that can be done. I’ve read posts since the school year started blaming parents for not stepping up. There are more who have stepped up than ya’ll admit to seeing. What I have witnessed is blame. The parents who seem to be being blamed the most are those working jobs to make ends meet… the same parents who set standards for their children. Not all juveniles are lucky enough to have that lifestyle. With that being said, aren’t we part of a community who wants better… can’t we look out for each other.

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Our children… the next generation… they need our advice and guidance. They need to know that we are trying to steer them in the right direction. They are our future… we are raising our future. I wish everyone could understand that. Harrisburg has had its ups and downs… it’s had compassion and crime… it’s experienced the best and suffered the worst. Our children deserve better… they deserve better than any of us ever have. They are children.

I am proud to be a product of Harrisburg… many of you probably are too. I take pride in the city I was raised in and have total faith that it can return to what it once was. The violence needs to stop… the shooting needs to stop… the blame needs to stop. We’re all in this together. There has been enough innocent blood shed. It needs to end. It really does. Too many lives have been lost lately and it’s not fair to their families… to their friends… to the innocent who never knew them. It’s all about respect and humanity.

Can we all come together for a common purpose, please… if you don’t want to do that because of the enemies you think you have, can we at least do it for the children… for the innocent bystanders who get caught in the crossfire… for the families who have no idea why they lost a loved one. Death is permanent. Death is forever. Enough blood has been shed. It’s time to get back to the way life is supposed to be… we should all be Harrisburg proud.

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