Are People Going to Accept Crypto Currencies Soon?


If you follow any of the crypto news outlets online, you have heard about the growing interest in cryptocurrencies by people from around the globe. Everyone from younger adults, who grew up with at least some knowledge and exposure to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. But even older folks are looking into adding Bitcoin and other crypto coins, to their retirement portfolios.
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Still, there aren’t enough people who are “all-in on crypto” yet, but it looks like that could change in a big way soon. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the reasons why people are paying serious attention to crypto these days.

What is CryptoCurrency?

Simply put, cryptocurrency is the digital, decentralization of finance, through Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the blockchain technology that is changing the world completely. When you think about crypto coins you can perceive them as they call on the value stored within that coin or company…

Just like the dollar bill is the call on the value of your bank account. So why is crypto getting so much attention these days? Well, that is due in part to people being sick and tired of the way governments manipulate the financial industry and money.

Centralized banking is riddled with problems and fraud. Whenever you give custodial rights over your money to an entity like a bank, it opens the door for corruption, inflation, and other anti-growth problems.

Bitcoin decentralizes finance and money, which illuminated these problems with the implementation of smart contracts. Being decentralized gives people unsurpassed access to services that could never have been so accessible with a bank. It also runs autonomously, without the need for a babysitter. More on this later.

What is DE-FI

The term DE-FI is simply decentralized finance which is the basis for cryptocurrencies as we detailed already. The universe of DE-FI’s live on the Ethereum platform and is a vital player in how the world interacts with blockchain technology.

Smart contracts are a part of the DE-FI network and allow users to interact with the chain by executing predetermined tasks like sending money from one part of the world to another. Credit card DE-FI networks are being built to reduce transaction fees and better secure credit card transactions for the world’s population. The applications for smart contracts are endless and are already being implemented in all sorts of ways by large companies like VISA and TESLA.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

Yes, cryptocurrency is very safe and anonymous in some cases as well. You can purchase crypto coins on any of the crypto exchanges and then transfer it into your own cold storage wallet like a Ledger, or Trezor. This way, nobody will know exactly how much crypto you have, and it will be stored offline away from the reach of hackers or those looking to steal people’s money.

However, the crypto market is still emerging, and like with any type of investment there can be risks associated with them. It is always recommended that you consult with a financial expert who can help to guide you through the best crypto portfolio for your specific financial goals.

Plus, they can explain the risk vs reward that you might expect, with any given crypto you’re interested in owning. Keep your eyes open for the big businesses, that you are used to using every day, make the transition to cryptocurrency, and blockchain tech. This process has already begun, and you can learn much more about how you can safely enter the crypto market by doing research online.


Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology looks like it will be with us for a long time to come. Hopefully, traditional businesses and large corporations can utilize crypto to further enhance their customers' experience dealing with their products and services. Moreover, Bitcoin is a fairer system where anyone who wishes to take par, can do so by simply purchasing some cryptocurrency.

This way you can research everything and learn what you can before you put your hard-earned money into crypto. Many coins fail and investors are left holding the bag. While others, are growing exponentially because they offer a service or product that people want and use.

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