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Lack of Leadership Intervention Puts Fort Worth Citizens In Danger

Michael Moates, MA
City of Fort Worth CouncilCity of Fort Worth Council

Mayor Mattie Parker took over this year for Former Mayor Betsy Price and it has been a very rocky road. To start, the 911 Dispatch Center which takes calls during emergency situations has had a low staff rate and continuing high response times. One individual said, "I waited on hold for nearly 12 minutes. That is the difference between life and death."

As of August 2021, the police communication center was short 36 communications officers. This is a significant number given the high wait times to get on the phone during an emergency. In fact, most departments boast about their low response times where is Fort Worth is significantly higher and unacceptable.

On the north side of Fort Worth by Saginaw, there have been 293 wrecks in a 5 mile stretch on Bailey Boswell Road by Boswell High School. Parents have started a petition because they feel that the city is derelict and it's duty to protect individuals as they leave the school. This is given because of the high rate of accidents and the fact that earlier this year two students were struck by another vehicle.

According to the petition, "There is continued neglect from city of Fort Worth's TPW dept to improve our slick asphalt roads that are full of potholes and lack lighting and proper street paint markings. Another fatality occurred on WJ Boaz as a teen walked along the side of the road with NO sidewalks and unsightly neglected bar ditches with weeds well over 2 feet tall. After school activities are another dangerous realization for families. Students are walking in these same conditions only under the camouflage of darkness. There are no street lights lining this road. If a student leaves an event or practice to walk home it is with the threat to their safety because it is dark and there aren't crosswalks to get to their homes or Churches. There is no median for a student to safely cross traffic and have a moment to pause to wait for the other direction of traffic. They have to dart across 4 lanes of traffic in two directions."

The city is falling down on the job and the citizens are begging for their help. It is time for the city council to step up.

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Michael Moates is a Journalist at NewsBreak. He is a lifelong scholar focusing on studies in psychology, communications, education, and emergency response. He has an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Psychology, a Master of Arts with Areas of Study in Psychology and Communications, and is currently finishing up a Doctor of Education. He has been published by the Dallas Morning News, Daily KOS, Independent Journal Review, The Blaze, and the Denton Chronicle Record.

Fort Worth, TX

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