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Hot in Los Angeles this week? Get used to it - climate change is here to stay

Michael Loren

Los Angeles residents are antsy to wear their trendy fall sweaters. The weather, however, is not cooperating. With an average high of 79 degrees in October for the city, Los Angeles looks to enjoy summer (or at least a mild fall) practically all year long.

Along with this warming trend, residents of Southern California might be able to put away their rain umbrellas as well with record low rainfall totals over the past decade. In short, Los Angeles might want to start getting used to the city looking more and more like Palm Desert - because climate change is here to stay.

The high temperatures in Los Angeles for the past few decades have been increasing rapidly. As recent as the 2010s, the average high temperature in the city was 75.8 degrees. This is more than three degrees warmer than the average of 72.7 in the 1920s. While this doesn't seem like a big change, scientists are expecting the planet to continue to heat up like your parked car at the beach on a hot summer day. And, as of right now, there is no end in sight.

Because of these higher temperatures, information released by the Environmental Protection Agency explains that water on the surface of the earth also evaporates at a quicker rate. Faster evaporation and reduced rainfall totals will continue to create a more and more dire drought situation in Los Angeles and much of California.

And those draughts can cause a host of other problems. Increasingly lower amounts of water can eventually cause shortages of drinking water (and it can also decrease the quality as well). Draughts have an effect on the quality of food grown in California, they can negatively impact air quality, and they can even cause more disease because of mosquitos breeding in stagnant water. (Incidentally, you're right if you have noticed more mosquitos lately in Los Angeles).

So, how do we combat this juggernaut of climate control looming over our future? First, we can walk or bike to destinations. This doubles as an environmental win and a physical fitness win. We can reduce our intake of meat whose production creates greenhouse gas emissions and uses a significant amount of energy to produce. And finally, we all can reduce the amount of products we consume, recycle when appropriate, and reuse items when possible.

Los Angeles, let's keep Palm Desert a fabulous vacation destination and protect the climate of the city we love.

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