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Michael Loren

If you’re a Burbank entrepreneur, you are your own motivator. You ultimately answer to yourself, you make the decisions, and if things fail, it’s usually your fault. That’s a lot of “you.”

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, wearing many hats can be exhausting. And when Burbank entrerpreneurs have succeeded enough to have a team, the weight of the responsibility for others’ livelihoods is even heavier than all those hats.

Entrepreneurship is exhausting. It’s easy to burn out. Often. When I’m feeling like I’m over all of it and I need some inspiration, I crank up my podcast app. I usually go for a run, a hike, or a long walk around Burbank while I listen to the three shows below.

Most of the time, one of two things happens — I either pick up a new tip or trick I get excited to try, or I am inspired by the success stories of the podcasts’ guests. Either way, when I’m done with my run, hike, or walk around Burbank, I’m ready to open up my laptop and get back to work.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This is my all-time favorite podcast. There are two reasons I have found this to be motivational for years and years. First, the guests on this podcast are varied and gracious. From pro athletes to best-selling authors to innovative researchers, to, yes, successful entrepreneurs, Lewis Howes interviews a variety of high-achievers on their takes on what it takes to be great. And they’re all happy to share the secrets to their success.

The second reason I find this podcast motivational is the genuine openness of its host, Lewis Howes. He’s the kind of podcast host that stops the guest when he doesn’t understand something. He is forthcoming with his challenges and is completely genuinely curious. And the most inspirational thing about Howes? His tenacity. The School of Greatness now tops out at over 1,100 episodes.

Some of my favorite recent episodes have been with Dr. Alan Goldhamer (nutrition/fasting), Dr. Andrew Huberman(neuroscience), Seth Godin (entrepreneurship/blogging), Rory Vaden (marketing), and Jamie Kern Lima(business/entrepreneurship).

I have learned so much about mindset, marketing, relationships, neuroscience, health, nutrition, and business from The School of Greatness and I will probably listen to it as long as they keep producing “great” content.

When I’m exhausted and burned out in Burbank, listening to other people’s journeys toward success sometimes gives me a little more hope that I can achieve some of my own.

Creator Lab with Bilal Zaidi

Creator Lab is what I think of as my “down and dirty” podcast. This is where I get my ideas, learn the details of marketing, raising capital, and really honing on a target market. While this podcast isn’t as slick or popular as Lewis Howes, it’s more specific to what I’m working on — entrepreneurship. I do listen to this podcast while I’m running around Burbank as well, but I usually realize mid-way through an episode that I should take notes.

Host Bilal Zaidi interviews a slew of intelligent and completely transparent entrepreneurs including Alex Lieberman, Emily Heyward, Gary Vee, and Sam Parr. Zaidi really digs deep into the details of how these folks worked their ways toward success and how they made their entrepreneurship ideas grow.

Every one of these podcasts drops at least a few nuggets of advice that I find either mind-blowingly helpful or just plain inspirational. I love listening to the lessons that each of these people learned along the way and how they sometimes created their own luck and sometimes willed it. I learned so many valuable bits of information to build my newsletter from my favorite recent episode is with Sam Parr who created The Hustle.

If The School of Greatness is the 500-person cocktail party for entrepreneurs, Creator Lab is the intimate Burbank dinner party.

The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson

I know, I know, this podcast isn’t about entrepreneurship. But I have something important to tell you. The brain bone is connected to the body bone. If your body isn’t healthy, you won’t operate at your highest level of potential and you will…you guessed it…get burned out. That’s why I love The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.

This podcast is positive, actionable, and breaks down the many complex actions of the body into understandable and applicable bites. Stevenson welcomes many different guests that approach health from a variety of angles — from workout tips to diet suggestions to entire episodes on mental health and wellness.

Like The School of Greatness, I enjoy this podcast because of its host. Stevenson, himself, is an entrepreneur who has had a significant amount of ups and downs along his journey. The successes of his writing and the podcast alone are inspirational, but his encouraging and friendly tone and down-to-earth approach to a holistic and healthy lifestyle for Burbank entrepreneurs is refreshing.

The takeaway

If you’re an entrepreneur in Burbank, you spend a lot of time generating your own motivation, making decisions, and calling the shots. Sometimes it’s nice to stop, turn on a podcast, and listen to someone else talk about what to do.

Entrepreneurs, like any other people in the business world, are largely affected by their health and mental wellness. It’s important and fun to get tips on how to conduct business, but it's just as pivotal to learn how to take care of your physical health and wellness. These three podcasts help me do just that.

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