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If you know me at all, you know that I rarely venture south of 14th street . . . for many reasons.  First, the streets down there do not intersect at right angles and I am often very easily lost (particularly when I come to the intersection of 4th Street and 7th Street).  Second, the crowd down there smells of patchouli, more-than-dabbles in body art, and generally makes me feel like the geeky, unhip-sweater-set-wearing-approaching-middle-age American that I am.  And third, well . . . the long and the short of it is that it is a RARE day that I venture down to the bowels of the east village on a whim.  Yesterday, though, I did.  And I was pleasantly surprised by the adorable little discovery that I made in doing so.

Here's the skinny: my buddy Summer and I decided to go on a little impromptu outing to celebrate my newly acquired gig. I happily agreed to meet her and I chose a place called Mighty Quinn's Barbecue on 2nd avenue.   Well, I thought, the place has an interesting name and I haven't blogged in a while, so I might as well check out a new restaurant.  

The restaurant had one of those rolly garage door-type facades that facilitated easy indoor/outdoor dining and the place was hopping. Summer and I snapped a few pics and headed in.

It was even better inside.  The restaurant was casual and chic at the same time with wooden tables and the kind of lighting that makes all food and people look fantastic. I checked out the menu. WHAAAATTT. So. Much. Barbecue. I was overwhelmed with delectble options. You could order brisket, pulled pork, sausage, wings, crispy chicken, a half chicken, and something called burnt ends which was intriguingly mouth watering-sounding.

I ordered something called a brontosaurus rib (because I'm adventurous like that) and grabbed some sweet corn fritters and broccoli salad for a side (and for my conscience after I downed a huge piece of meat). I looked over at Summer. She seemed perplexed. Then I remembered…Summer was a vegan. Wah wah. She smiled good-naturedly, ordered french fries and brussels sprouts, and we had a fantastic meal.

Bad news: Mighty Quinn's BBQ is not the most exciting place for vegan folks like Summer.  Good news: If you're amongst the Me-types that thrives on barbecued meat of any variety, you're in for a party. The brontosaurus rib was one of the most tasty and smokily wonderful things I have eaten in New York City and my sweet corn fritters reminded me of my maw maw in North Carolina.

The restaurant manages to take the slick coolness of New York and mesh it with the earthy indulgence that is barbecue. And, most importantly and something many other restaurants in New York City miss, Mighty Quinn's Barbecue made the dining experience all about the food. And their food was exceptional. Summer and I chatted for hours in the warm, friendly, slightly-upscale-yet-laid-back atmosphere and generally had a fabulous time all around. We sipped on our Mighty Quinn's Pilsners (which were equally as tasty) and enjoyed the food as well.

As the evening came upon us and my stomach began to lose its elasticity, we sleepily headed out and grabbed cabs headed toward our beds. I glanced out the cab window as we drove away and decided, despite my aversion toward avenues with letters, streets that shouldn't intersect, and patchouli, to head back to get some fantastic barbecue in downtown New York City some time in the near future. I figure some experiences are worth a little trek into unknown territory.  

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