A Cross-Country Mother's Day - From Los Angeles to North Carolina

Michael Loren


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Over the past year, our society has endured so much loss, so much turmoil, and so much change. We each have felt this global pandemic in so many ways. For me, I really have missed my mom. And on this Mother’s Day, I miss her even more.

See, I saw my parents over a year and a half ago. They were slated to visit in January, but one of my parents got sick. Then, their rescheduled March visit was cancelled. I live in Los Angeles and my family lives in North Carolina. That’s a whopping 2,370 miles away from the folks I love the most.

While we have been waiting patiently to get from Los Angeles to North Carolina, we still have a few weeks until our little family is fully vaccinated. As the days pass by, I realize that our most finite resource, time, is slipping away from us. I am running out of time to see my family and it makes me sad. While my family can’t leave Los Angeles because of our professions, I wish every day that I could be on the other side of the country.

I am the only child of the most loving parents one could imagine. I have tried for my many years on the planet to mess up the solid foundation that they have instilled in me. To no avail. I still always say thank you, I believe that I can do anything, and I would literally give my shirt to someone who needs it. This is none of my doing. I could only be described as a good human because they created me as such.

As I said, as Mother’s Day approaches, I just plain miss my mommy. And I don’t know what else to do other than . . . write. Because this is what I do know what to do. So, here goes. A Mother’s Day letter to my mom in North Carolina from Los Angeles.

Dear Mommy,

I know that I haven’t been the best daughter always. I know I have said things that have hurt you, I have been selfish, and six years ago, I moved out to Los Angeles, miles and miles away from North Carolina (though, I moved to get away from other things — not you). These things don’t change the fact that you are and have always been the best mommy in the world.

I know we don’t agree on politics. And I know that I have chosen a faith that is different than the one you raised me to follow. Neither of these things diminishes the bond that we have and will always have. The rest of the world has nothing on us. Distance, though it is hard, has nothing on us. We are as inseparable as we were when I was in your tummy. You raised me to be smart and independent and loving. And you did an impeccable job.

The summer will bring fresh flowers, sunshine, and hopefully our first hug in what will be over 18 months. I don’t know what the near future brings. I don’t know how long it will be until I see you and until you get to kiss your grandson again. I wish that it could be tomorrow, but I know it won’t be. That makes me sad, but it makes me oh so grateful that I have a person whose physical absence in my life makes my heart ache.

No matter what, this one thing will always remain true: I love you. And I will be forever grateful to you for making and cultivating everything that I know to be good about myself.



Readers, I encourage you to refuse to not let things like politics, religion, or distance keep you from communicating with your loved ones. I believe that the people in our lives are so much more important than any differing beliefs, disagreements of the past, or any other obstacles (physical or emotional) we might have. In the midst of hardship lies the opportunity to connect on a deep level with our loved ones. I highly recommend that you reach out sooner than later to those you love on this Mother’s Day. Because we never know when it will be too late.


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