The Lesson From a Disney Movie That Applies to All Entrepreneurs

Michael Loren

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Sometimes you know something in your bones. Your brain may try to convince you otherwise, but your heart remains undeterred. No matter how many naysayers there may be or obstacles there might be in your way, you know this. Whatever it is.

So did the lead character in the 2016 Disney film Moana. You would think that a children’s movie would advocate for young people to obey their parents, but this one does not.

When Moana’s father, the chief of the Polynesian island Motunui, forbids her to sail past their reef, she does not follow the rules. Because she knew something in her gut — she was meant to be a sea voyager. So, she sings a powerful Disney “I want” song, sails out to the ocean, and eventually saves her tribe.

It’s all great for a Disney movie, but when it comes to real life, many of us don’t sing a ballad and bravely sail off into the sea to fight monsters, storms, and anything else we might encounter. Most of us stay on our proverbial mental islands, follow all the rules, and listen to our brains over our hearts.

Many see “thinking with your head” as an intellectually-based decision and “thinking with your heart” as emotionally-based. But the brain may be responsible for both kinds of decisions. Through examining human response to subliminal messages, scientific studies have proven that intuition is totally a thing. And we safely (and sadly) often overlook our intuition in favor of safer or more logical choices.

If you’re like Moana — if you know something in your bones, and your emotions are indicating that a specific idea or career path is the way you should go — I urge you to follow your intuition. Pursue what you know to be the right path, no matter what others or traditional wisdom might say.

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