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Ahoy, Manhattan! - A Trip on the Staten Island Ferry

Michael Loren

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If there is one thing New Yorkers know better than anyone else in the world, it's transportation.  I can say that in my ten years here, I've practically done it all.  Bus, subway, cab, gypsy cab, bike, shuttle, car, pedi cab, and horse and carriage.  The one method missing from my trophy case of public conveyance was the ferry.  Perhaps it's because, unfortunately, every time I think of the ferry I think of that awful Staten Island ferry crash back in 2003.  Perhaps it's because I'm just a creature of habit.  I decided that I'd brave the cold and the danger and give it a try.  

The walk from my front door to the ferry terminal at Port Imperial took a total of 8 minutes (I timed it).  Why had I never come down here before?  The terminal was clean and spacious and had a cute little sushi bar with outdoor seating right on the Hudson.  (Note to self: come back in the summer).  It was a gloriously sunny day and my friend Rachae agreed to sit on the top level of the boat and soak up some sun.  Call me easily pleased, but there is nothing more invigorating than cutting through the water with the wind in your face and the sun in your hair (cheesy moment over).  There's also something about getting outside the city to get a little perspective.  Sometimes I get such tunnel vision running between all the buildings in my little life on that little island that I forget what it looks like from the outside.  Like seeing a show that you're performing in from the audience, you have to get away from it to appreciate it.  I have a good view from Jersey, but riding on the ferry in the center of the Hudson gave me an unencumbered view that grew larger and larger with each second.  It made me oddly proud.  "That's my city", I thought, "It looks really nice".

A short ride later, we docked on the island and my friends, my tousled hair, and I hopped off and onto the free crosstown bus provided by the ferry folk.  (I guess it's included in the price of the trip).  It was clean, quiet, and full of happy people that can afford the steep round trip every day.  The bus driver stopped at our desired avenue and we disembarked to carry on our little lives on the little island.  

If you live in the city or are visiting and would like to get a little perspective, I'd absolutely recommend this trip. While you're there, grab some take out sushi or come visit me (mask required). Just sit on the top and soak up some sun.

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