7 Eric Thomas Quotes Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

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If you want easy money, stay at your job. But if you want to potentially earn a lot more money, control your destiny, and chase your passions — entrepreneurship could be the route for you.

Just know that if you choose this route, your life will never be the same. You will struggle, you will want to quit, and you will doubt yourself more than you could ever imagine.

Not a single entrepreneur I’ve ever interviewed on my podcast or read about in hundreds of books has ever said it was easy. But, if you see it through, you will find more joy and fulfillment than any job could ever give you.

Entrepreneurship has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s been three years since I walked out of my corporate job to pursue the unknown world of blogging, writing, and building a personal brand.

In my own journey, I struggled for years before ever feeling like I “made it.” Honestly, motivational YouTube videos are the reason I’m writing this post. Without people like Eric Thomas, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins, I probably would’ve quit being an entrepreneur.

Eric Thomas, aka the “Hip Hop Preacher,” was my go-to when things got tough and I felt like quitting in the beginning. Use these quotes to get the motivation to keep going and not give up on your dreams.

1. “I love the sun but things don’t grow because of the sun. You have to have some rain… you have to stop looking at rain in your life like something bad.”

Life is all about seasons. Some seasons are beautiful and fun, others are long, dark, harsh, and seemingly unbearable.

Without the lows, you wouldn’t appreciate the highs. Entrepreneurship and success aren’t linear — the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can realize whatever you’re going through is temporary. It’s just a season of your life.

Now, if you’re in a dark season right now and feel like quitting, just know I’ve been there myself. After two years of entrepreneurship, I had so much credit card debt that I fell into a deep, dark depression. For six weeks, I barely got off the couch. I lived in fear, worry, and anxiety 24/7.

It wasn’t until a coach made me realize that I was just going through a season and that it would be over soon that I gained the optimism to keep going. This seemed to trigger something in my mind and give me an extra boost of motivation to turn my situation around.

Remember, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

2. “My greatest moments didn’t come from my greatest moments. My greatest moments came from my greatest defeats. It was during my defeat that I had to find a way to get back up.”

If you want an easy paycheck, stay in a job. Entrepreneurship is an emotional roller coaster.

I’ve had days where I woke up with extreme gratitude that a client paid a $3,000 invoice. And later that day, I broke down crying because I felt like a huge failure and felt my entire life spiraling out of control.

Being your own boss will knock you downtime, and time again. But if you can learn from each failure and reframe the way you look at failures with a growth mindset, you can learn from every event — good or bad.

When you fail, try again, and again, and again. Just take one step at a time. Better days are ahead. Brush yourself off and get back up.

3. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Over my three-plus years of entrepreneurship, I’ve learned that no one cares about your business goals like you do. Even the people closest to you won’t get what you’re doing (especially if it’s an online business).

In fact, a lot of friends and family will tell you not to become an entrepreneur as it’s “risky.” But you have to drown out the noise and focus on what you want in life.

You can’t listen to anyone else — only trust your intuition.

If you really want to find success as an entrepreneur, you have to become obsessed with making it work. At times, it’ll become an unhealthy obsession, but you have to want it bad.

No one can want it more than you!

4. “Greatness is upon you, you better act like it.”

Attitude is everything — if you don’t believe you can make it as an entrepreneur, chances are you won’t.

Success starts first in your mind. You have to know that greatness is within you and that it’s your job to pull it out.

When I was failing for nearly a year as a blogger, I always kept the faith. Sure, I had plenty of miserable days and battled anxiety and depression at times, but I knew that if I kept going, greatness would happen. I chose to believe better days were coming if I just didn’t give up.

Sure enough, they did. If you keep acting as if, you will eventually become what you seek. While you can’t always control what’s going in your life and business, the one thing you can control is your outlook. Choose to believe that greatness is within you or else you would never have gotten started in the first place.

Stay confident and optimistic so you can keep believing in yourself.

5. “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.”

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a beginning entrepreneur was comparing myself and my business vs. everyone else and their businesses. All this did was create jealousy, envy, and toxic feelings inside myself which manifested as lack, scarcity, and negativity in my life.

Remember: you can only compare you to. the former version of yourself and your business. No two people and businesses start at the same place or have the same karma, so it makes no sense to compare yourself to anyone else.

Benjamin Hardy, PhD once said to think about your growth like a gain vs. a gap. Goals are always changing and you always want more which makes it easy to feel like you’re never going to reach your goal — this is the gap.

Instead, focus on the gain. While it’s great to keep striving for more, don’t forget to look back and realize how far you’ve come along the way. I do this every week, month, and year by recapping what I accomplished in my life and business.

By constantly reminding yourself of all your wins, big or small, you are programming yourself for success.

6. “You have to be ready to sacrifice who you are, for who you will become.”

Your business is a direct reflection of you.

When I set out on this quest to build an online business that inspires the world, I had no idea how much personal growth I needed. The person I was didn’t have the ability to achieve what I wanted, so I’ve had to evolve a ton along the way.

Growth isn’t easy either, it’s been a long hard road. I’ve had to learn to love myself, forgive myself for the past, and do more deep inner work in three years than the previous 29 combined.

It’s been worth it. I’ve learned more about myself since exiting the corporate world than I ever would have by playing the safe, secure route. Through all the tears and bad days, I’ve had some amazing, joyous occasions that kept me going — you will too if you see it through!

Remember if you have big goals and want to achieve a massive vision, you will have to change — it’s not optional. While it can feel scary when you first get outside your comfort zone, I promise it’s worth it.

Soon, you will realize how small you were playing and what an unstoppable force you can become once you evolve.

7. “I am not phenomenally skilled, I am phenomenally willed. I will not give up, I will not surrender, I will not quit.”

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. You will want to quit more times than you can count as I have over the past few years.

I wanted to quit when my blog failed, when my credit score dropped 100 points in 12 months from maxing out credit cards, and when I was so depressed I could barely get off the couch for six weeks.

But I refused to give up. I knew that giving up only meant one thing — not seeing my dreams through.

You are worth it and you owe it to yourself to keep going.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneurship is the greatest battle you will ever face. There’s a reason you hear stats like “9 out of 10 businesses” fail and everything else about building a business — it’s hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would do it.

But in today’s world, I think that stat is outdated. Online businesses are easier (notice I didn’t say easy) than they were a decade or two ago. If you want to find success as an entrepreneur, focus all of your energy on what you want — not what you don’t.

Work on yourself, ignore the haters, train your mind for success, and make a promise to yourself to just keep going.

As Les Brown said,

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.”

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