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Getting extremely bored with our everyday life made me and two of my friends want to escape the bustling city of Los Angeles for a few hours. But the question was, where in the world should be head, as we couldn’t have gone too far as we had to reach our office the next day.

Therefore, while searching a bit on the internet, we found it out. Our escape from everyday life, The Bridge Of Nowhere!

As adventurous as its name, this hiking trip was something we never experienced before. Hiking amidst a scintillating natural environment having unique landscapes around us while a calm or sometimes rough river water being our partner throughout, this has to be one of the most underrated places to hike near Los Angeles.

The hike to the bridge of nowhere is about 11-12 miles (approx), and I swear my legs were done by our last mile. This was mainly due to the rocky surface during our hike; hence my feet were hurting at the end of our hike.

Moreover, in some instances, we found the water current extremely dangerous, and although we held our breath and went through them, it might not be the best of ideas for some senior citizens to go through it. We also found some areas being littered to which I highly request the visitors not to do this.

All in all, although it was a complete grind to hike in the San Gabriel Mountain, it was still an experience worthwhile, and we got what we wanted; An escape from the bustling city Of Los Angeles!

My friends and I will indeed find another one of these relatively “hidden gems,” explore them out, and let you know about our experience come the next time so that you can witness these hidden natural places before they get common and lose their real charm!

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