Home Of Magicians In A Secretly Hidden Hollywood Gem!

Last week I had the privilege to visit Hollywood’s hidden gem, Magic Castle. To be fair, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to visit this place. It was nothing other than the strict hidden nature of the castle that made me want to see the place.

I was invited by one of my colleagues who has a membership of the Magic Castle (You cannot enter the Magic Castle without a Membership or a member’s invite). As soon as I stepped into the Magic Castle, I was trapped by the magical ambience of the place.

The Magic Castle follows a strict dress code, and you can’t take pictures past the lobby. We first had a drink from one of the bars and then went to a show. There were plenty of magic shows on offer, and there were a couple of magicians who really surprised me with their magic tricks, especially Nick with his impressive card tricks.

The entire setting of Magic Castle was absolutely magical, with tiny and huge rooms alike. Every room has its own speciality and a different ambience.

In the end, we also had an awesome dinner! Every dish we had was impeccable. Let alone all the magic stuff happening inside the castle; I would even go to Magic Castle to have their scrumptious dinner.

All in all, the magic castle is a delight for the lively souls who seek a fairytale night in Los Angeles. I would indeed recommend you to either ask one of your friends or colleagues who has a membership to invite you. If not, then you can email a magician who has a show at Magic castle to invite you to the place; It is indeed an experience worth it!

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