Want To Learn A New Skill And Start Earning Money In Your Free Time?

My younger brother, who is 17 years old, has just landed his first project via freelancing. Although he is in his High school days, he has a mature head on his shoulder. He always wanted to earn money and at least manage his own expenses since he joined high school, which I always appreciated.

You must be thinking about what process he followed that led him to land his first project as a freelancer. So first and foremost, my brother started to utilize his free time and rather than wasting time playing games, watching Netflix, or chilling with friends.

Then he started reading blogs about some in-demand freelance skills through which he could earn money. After going through quite a few blogs, he chose social media marketing as his skill.

But here was a problem? There weren’t many reasonably priced quality courses on offer. So he searched on social media platforms, but he used to find courses worth over 1000$. I even offered to buy him the course, but he wanted to earn money without taking financial help from anyone. So after relentless research, he came across this website named Udemy.

You might have at least heard about Udemy or came across it, but if not, then no problem.

Udemy is a leading global marketplace for students to learn millions of skills on offer and help them take the first step towards success. Udemy has more than 40M learners 56K Instructors who have designed millions of courses in more than 65 languages.

My brother enrolled in one of their best-seller course, which was mainly about marketing through Facebook ads. The course went in-depth and made him understand how Facebook ads work. The course also explained:

-how to test your ads

-how to create sales funnels

-how to make stellar ads that convert

-how to make retargeting ads and much more

The course taught my brother all of this and much more in just 11.99$, and guess what he was able to land a job just over a week after completing his course. The course was extremely worth it as the project he has been assigned to is worth more than 500$. My brother’s investment of time and money indeed paid him back, and I hope it was the first of many a project to come.

If you too are willing to use your spare time for something that matters and something that will help you come forward, then I suggest you choose a skill and learn it from Udemy; Your time and money will surely be worth it.

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