Does Living in Florida Make You Lazy?

I was supposed to be making another video, in the house...But, that's not happening. I decided to come to the beach instead and randomly make this video. Does living in Florida make you Lazy? It certainly can! But you know what? We only live once, and we all need to learn to take advantage of the opportunities we are given in life. I am fortunate enough to live right on the ocean here in Miami Beach, it was a beautiful day outside. I just couldn't resist, I had to come out here. And I thought this would be the prefect opportunity to "document" this because I choose fun over work, but ended up actually getting a video out of it, which is pretty cool. But even if I didn't, I wouldn't have regretted coming out. It was such a beautiful day, and for me the best part of living in Florida is having the ocean as my backyard and I need to start enjoying it again more often! 🤔 Thinking of Moving to Florida? Let Us Help😎  📱Call or Text: +1 (786) 321-2251 📨 Email: info@livinglif

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This channel is all about the Florida lifestyle, Real Estate and Beach Stuff (I love the beach!). My main goal is to one day become financially free by making these videos, and sharing with you all the knowledge I have gained over the years about living in Florida and working as a real estate agent here. My goal of this channel is teach and inspire you to start living the best life you possibly can, with the resources that are available to you today. Moving to a new place is a big life decision. I share a ton of tips and things I have learned and mistakes I have made along the way that you can learn from as well.

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