Why NEW People Deserve To Live in Florida Too!!

Here's the thing, if you are someone that thinks no one should be moving to Florida, you're wrong. Last time I checked, this is still the United States of America and if someone wants to live in Florida, and its legal, they are allowed to.

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This channel is all about the Florida lifestyle, Real Estate and Beach Stuff (I love the beach!). My main goal is to one day become financially free by making these videos, and sharing with you all the knowledge I have gained over the years about living in Florida and working as a real estate agent here. My goal of this channel is teach and inspire you to start living the best life you possibly can, with the resources that are available to you today. Moving to a new place is a big life decision. I share a ton of tips and things I have learned and mistakes I have made along the way that you can learn from as well.

Miami Beach, FL

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