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Student loan debt is obviously a popular topic at the moment with the new administration. Will student loan debt be cancelled? Will it not be cancelled? Will as little as $10,000 be forgiven? Will as much as $50,000 be forgiven? These are things that a lot of student loan borrowers are wondering.

I paid off my student loans within one year of graduation. I think it’s safe to say that I paid my $32,000 student loan debt balance in a short amount of time. With that being said, I wanted to provide value with one of the steps I took that proved important for me to make this a reality for myself. If you receive value from anything said in this article, feel free to go to to grab my debt free ebook, which goes more in depth in regards to the principles I’ll be mentioning. Think of this post as an accelerated, general version of one of the steps of my ebook. Additionally, if you’re a lazy reader, I’ve provided the audiobook there for you as well. You can consume the entire experience in a matter of two simple hours. With that being said, let’s get straight to it! This is one of the steps I took to eliminate my student loan debt quickly.


I took a personality test called the DISC assessment. If you’re not familiar with the DISC assessment, it’s basically a personality test that doesn’t say who you are necessarily, but it measures how you operate at a certain point in time. For example, if you got energy from being around people and took it prior to COVID, you would likely see a different result if you took it during COVID right now, as we are on lockdown. As a people’s person, that’s no longer a feasible thing so you would operate differently.

The DISC was special, because I didn’t consciously understand how powerful it was in my journey. I took a free version of it which you can Google for yourself (though I recommend you invest in yourself with a certified DISC Coach for deeper insight, more on that later), and I saw my results on paper. Although I saw my results on paper, it didn’t occur to me that I could relate my results to finances. It wasn’t until I invested in myself and got certified in the DISC assessment and became a certified coach that I received a deeper reading and understood in retrospect how powerful of a tool it was for me eliminating my debt more effectively.

I say that to say I recommend you invest in yourself. It doesn’t have to be about the DISC assessment. The deeper message is to have a mindset to invest in yourself whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you continuously pass over opportunities to invest in yourself you’re only holding yourself back. I wasn’t holding anyone else back besides myself by not investing in myself with taking a more analytical DISC Assessment. Just because the test I took was free didn’t mean it was free.

Nothing is free. Everything comes with a cost. Whether it’s the lack of information that will continue to make you not know what you don’t know, there’s always a price to pay when you choose a “free” option.

Taking the DISC assessment was important for me, because after I paid off my student loans I realized it was the unconscious knowledge I saw in my report that made my journey accomplished easier. The journey obviously wasn’t easy, but it became easier when I could pinpoint my results and how they related to my finances. The interesting part was that the buttons didn’t start clicking until after I had become debt free. The way I tested it when I realized how powerful it was during my debt free journey, was consciously using the newly acquired awareness to pay off my car note quickly as well. It was then that I realized how powerful this assessment really was. But the assessment was only as powerful as how far another ingredient was.


Self-awareness and authenticity go hand-in-hand. Once you see the self-awareness on paper, it’s entirely up to you and your control to remain authentic to that. You are your best self when you’re authentically you. No one can be you better than you being you. That’s a gift. Stop trying to be someone else. Stop trying to compare your journey to someone else’s. Be yourself and walk confidently in that and I promise you that your journey will be that much easier!

Closing Remarks!

Notice that I didn’t mention any technical financial principles. This is because when you work on yourself as an individual, the rest will take care of itself, and this is not only limited to finances. I encourage you to study the book of YOU, meaning study yourself and your own self-awareness. Once you’ve received a level of self-awareness and have invested in yourself with time to understand your report and how it relates to your money tendencies and identifying your blind spots, you’ll want to make sure you are operating authentically to what you’re seeing.

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I was blessed to pay off my student loans within one year back when I was 23-years-old so my mission is to help you pay off your student loans quickly through taking control of your relationship with money, while helping you with strategies and tips to pay off your debt quickly.


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