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Michael Benjamin

I had an interesting conversation earlier today. I go to the gym consistently for many reasons, but there’s one main reason that I want to speak on at this point in time. To be more clear, I posted a story on my Instagram about me being in the gym, performing a workout. As of recently, I had been posting them more consistently and it brought up an interesting question I didn’t think I would be asked.

The person said to me, “Why are you always in the gym?” It was interesting to me and I replied, “Why aren’t you?” I didn’t mean it out of disrespect, but it was automatically my reaction. It was an interesting reaction at that, because I realized that they didn’t realize the power of the gym. They were likely going to the gym without a purpose, if they went.

It was interesting to me because it was at that moment that I realized that they didn’t realize this simple concept that will help you pay off your student loans quickly: how you do anything is how you do everything! When you operate effectively in one aspect of your life it translates to other aspects of your life. It’s a testament to the power of the subconscious mind, because if you put 50% effort towards what you don’t like, your subconscious mind will register that 50% as good enough, or equivalent to 100%. That’s the issue that comes with dismissing this simple concept. But let me elaborate and dive deeper into this point as it pertains to my venture to the gym.

Going to the gym or exercising (for me) isn’t mainly about just going to look cute. It isn’t just about going to go for fun or to look appealing. The main reason I go to the gym consistently is because of the discipline that’s created in the gym. It’s about the fact that I’m literally doing what I said I was going to do. I made a commitment to myself by saying I would go to the gym and I did it, which boosts confidence.

This simple concept of going to the gym consistently was a hack I used in my debt free journey. When you make commitments to yourself and literally do what you stated you were going to do, you don’t have to chase money anymore. Money will come easier, more frequently and most importantly, abundantly when you do this because you’re improving yourself. Not only are you training your subconscious mind, but you’re reducing stress and successful money management is aligned with low stress levels. Operating at low stress levels is imperative to one’s journey of paying off their student loan debt in a timely manner. This was something I had to live and reflect on.

But you might say, “I can make a commitment that doesn’t have to be the gym or exercising” as a rebuttal. Although this is true, it’s like a jab. Exercising or the gym is like a combination of punches, because you’re not only fulfilling that commitment to yourself, but also reducing stress, which stacks the odds in your favor towards your relationship with money. There can’t ever be a perfect situation, but if we can reduce stress AND feel good, while building discipline, we’re on our way to debt freedom and excelling at any other thing we do in our lives. This is because we established the momentum with that workout that happened to be more important than what it was.

Furthermore, so now what happens is you FEEL GOOD, which translates to being more CONFIDENT, which translates to a stronger BELIEF SYSTEM, and now you’ve built a foundation to accomplish your goals because your belief becomes your reality. This is due to the fact that the person that believes they can do something and the person that believes they cannot do the same thing are both correct. And when you are consciously aware of this, you execute more effectively. It goes back to what I said earlier. If you apply 50% effort towards what you don’t like, it’ll translate into other areas of your life, such as what you like. If you use the same mindset to apply 100% to what you don’t like, e.g. the gym, it’ll translate into other areas of your life. It’s like a domino effect and I used this knowledge consciously to make my debt free journey easier.

Some people are in the gym consistently and aren’t even knowing that they’re building the foundation for being able to take control of their relationship with money. They have potential power at that point, which means it isn’t unlocked yet. For example, I invest about $30 a month for my gym. It’s to the point I’m almost ready to pay triple because of this simple takeaway I want you to take: I never worry about the INCOME because I know the RESULT of the OUTCOME. Understand this simple concept and you will pay off your student loans quicker! I hope I blessed you with a new mindset about your next workout!

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