The ONE WORD that will help you be debt free in 2021!

Michael Benjamin

Student loan debt is no joke. It’s the beginning of the year, which means it's time to reset. No matter when you read this, I encourage you to create a word for yourself as you navigate your journey towards taking control of your relationship with your money, whether it be paying off your student loan debt or increasing your income.

This one word I speak of that will help you be debt free in 2021 is simply, INTENTION.

Intention. It means a thing that’s intended, or an aim or a plan. Notice that this is deeper than just being debt free. This is a universal law.

It goes back to the philosophy that how you do anything is how you do everything. When you work on one area of your life with intention, it will trickle down into other areas of your life. You’ll find yourself operating with intention in those areas as well. I’ve seen it happen for myself. This isn’t any weird magic. It’s a universal law that’s a testament to the power of the subconscious mind.

For example, if you applied the idea of moving with intention towards your job, you’ll find your subconscious mind registering that and being impressed by that. The subconscious mind is impressed by certain patterns, so if you mold it negatively it will register that. If you mold it positively as I’m speaking about in this scenario, you’ll reap the positive benefits. Therefore, you’ll find yourself moving with intention in different areas such as your journey towards debt freedom. It’s like a domino effect. Understand it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll move with intention as you still need to put in the work, but realize that you’re stacking the odds in your favor when you do so initially. It only works if you work.

You want to be debt free?

You must take action with intention.

You want to be debt free?

You must execute with intention.

You want to accomplish anything admirable in 2021 and beyond?

We must move with intention.


When you focus on this one word, you eliminate the outside noise of dealing with analysis paralysis. You may consume a plethora of information when it comes to strategies, tips and tricks in order to be debt free, but I encourage you to execute with intention. Take one piece of the information you’re consuming and immediately execute it as fast as humanly possible.

Furthermore, I challenge you to simply improve by 1% DAILY. This is imperative, because it alleviates the stress of feeling the need to perform 50 different things in a day just to feel productive.

What’s your intention towards debt freedom?

What’s your WHY for your debt freedom? That will influence your intention.

Additionally, self-awareness is important towards executing with intention. Do you know yourself? Do you know your talents and strengths? If you’ve never taken time to take the DISC assessment or perform an analysis of yourself, I encourage you to do so now. Success isn’t born in comfort, so be familiar with getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Taking an additional step towards self-awareness was the difference maker for me personally when I eliminated my student loans. And to be honest, it’s the first step in the four steps I took towards debt freedom. I cover it in depth in my ebook, D.E.B.T. F.R.E.E. At 23, but I digress.

Take that one action word and plant it all over your apartment or home. Physically write it down so that you may be reminded daily to improve by 1%. That is intentional. Some people complain about needing accountability. You can have self-accountability by simply using the device you use daily, your phone. Create a daily alarm that tells you to move with intention or execute.

Closing Remarks!

Executing with intention also means understanding the fact that information is useless unless you apply it. What are you executing as a result of reading this article to move with intention? Execute something! It’s time to enjoy your transformation and be closer on your way to debt freedom.

Let’s say you’ve read this entire article and you don’t understand how you’ll move with intention. Don’t worry, I have an action for you.

The one thing I encourage you to do to execute with intention towards your student loan debt is simply visualizing the date for when you’ll be debt free. Write down the date that you will be debt free and be specific! Will you be debt free in Pacific Standard Time or Eastern Standard Time? What is the exact time and date? What does it look like outside? Is it a hot summer day? Be specific!

Furthermore, I encourage you to identify a general action you can take today. Identify another one you can take this week. Identify another one you can take this month to move the needle forward. In closing I just pray that you make a commitment to execute ONE thing with intention every single day!

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I was blessed to pay off my student loans within one year back when I was 23-years-old so my mission is to help you pay off your student loans quickly through taking control of your relationship with money, while helping you with strategies and tips to pay off your debt quickly.


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