Do this ONE THING RIGHT NOW to generate money using $0!

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ONE source of income is too close to NONE! I like you, so I’m going to help you make some money through three different ways. And the best part about it is that you can get started doing these things using $0! What does that mean? There’s no excuse for you NOT to execute.

1. Amazon/eBay dropshipping

Amazon is ALWAYS selling items, and they’re always having deals. What you need to do is Google “Amazon lightning deals” and look at all the deals that are occurring. It’s important that we consciously prepare to be logical rather than emotional as we conduct our search of what product we will be dropshipping.

Look for ANY product that is significantly discounted (you could sell crayons or toothpaste if you wanted to, as long as it had an attractive discounted margin) and once you find that product, copy/paste its title in eBay. An example of an acceptable discounted product is a product that’s normally $120, but it may be discounted to about $70-80. Understand that it may take a while to find a product that’s discounted for your satisfaction, but be persistent and stay confident! You can do it!

Once you’ve pasted it into eBay, click on the following filters: Buy It Now, Completed Items, Sold Items. This gives us data as to when the product was last sold and for the amount it was sold for. This is key, because people have the common misconception that just because a product is listed on eBay it means that people are buying it at that price, but that is false! Apply the filters and receive the necessary data! If the product you’re currently analyzing hasn’t been sold for the price you aim to sell it for, move onto another product. A rule of thumb I like to use is 1-2 weeks. If it hasn’t been sold within the last 1-2 weeks at a price I want to sell it at (for our example this would be a normal price of $120 discounted at $70-80), it’s not a hot product and I’ll move on logically, rather than being emotional about it. That’s why earlier I mentioned the importance of remaining logical instead of emotional, because this is business, so don’t fall in love with a given product!

Once you’ve found a decent product meeting these rules, copy the description from Amazon and paste it into your eBay listing, price it and list it. Repeat this process for as many products as you can and allow this form of passive income to bless your bank account. The way this method uses $0 is because as soon as someone buys the listing on eBay you’re paid ($120 for our example) and you go to Amazon and type in their information and ship it to them (only paying $70-80 in our example) and you keep the profit. You can use a credit card to start and once you’ve gotten a decent amount of income on your own, use your own money if you wish to. The way you’ll win with this method is consistency! Don’t list one product and hope thousands of dollars in profit is coming to your bank account in two minutes. A listing a day can go a long way. This activity was great for me generating additional income to help pay off my student loans, and it’s even better because you’re not using your own money to purchase the products!

2. Bonus: Sell someone’s free stuff!

I subscribe to the philosophy of under promising and over delivering, so I want to exercise that philosophy or habit right now. Also, I like the fact that you’ve been reading this far, so we’ll keep this one a secret between me and you! Allow me to give you an additional way to make money right now using $0!

Selling someone’s free stuff is a slept on way to increase your income using $0. Someone is in your city right now and they have too much stuff on their hands and that’s a problem. Every problem calls for a solution. You’re the solution to their problem, because you can literally pick up their free stuff and sell it and make profit.

If you aren’t the solution to the problem, someone else will be in the form of performing this or whoever they decide to donate it to.

People in general are lazy, so if you take the extra step to alleviate the burden of having to figure out who to donate the stuff to, you’ll be making money easily and thanking me later!

This is easy, because you can literally go to Craigslist and search for free stuff and begin picking up the stuff and selling it. The same activity can be done on Facebook Marketplace!

Someone might argue that it costs money to drive over to pick the stuff up. If you want to be that anal about the fact that it costs money to start this activity, understand this is a bonus activity and not what was promised. Additionally, you can search for local listings that are in walking distance, so I say that to say that there should be no excuses and no reason why you aren’t making additional income through this method.

If you’re a cautious person, you can also search for listings and see if it’s being sold. It can be like dropshipping as well. You can create the listing on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and as soon as someone wants to pick it up or meet up to get it, you can go and pick it up and enjoy the increase in your income!

Closing Remarks!

One source of income is too close to none and I want you to always remember that as you operate in your daily life towards financial freedom and paying off your student loans or any debt you owe. I challenge you to perform both of these activities I’ve recommended, as it will easily increase your income steadily over time!

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