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Man in Miami asks for help after losing his wife to COVID-19

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After losing his wife to COVID-19, a man asks the community for help. The subject was widowed with 5 children.

His wife  passed away because the lung transplant she required could not be performed.

It is about Eliseo Pineda who said: “He died very sad, this is very unfortunate for my children and for me. This is very hard and I am very affected, ”reported Telemundo51.

Sadness, grief and pain are the words that best describe this father of a family after losing his wife.

The man mourned the loss of his wife whom he will never see again. “This is very hard and strong for children. We are very bad because we know that she will no longer be with us, ”says PIneda.

Wendy Pineda was hospitalized for three months at Kensall Regional, after leaving the COVID ward. One of his lungs collapsed, requiring a lung transplant.

“I am outdated and anguished. My wife was not given adequate treatment in the hospital for various reasons: for not having papers in this country, for not paying taxes and for not having money, ”Pineda lamented.

Pineda, who works in the construction area, is distressed by the lack of financial resources to raise her children.

“Please, we need your collaboration to give my wife a good and dignified burial, as she deserves it. It's the last thing I can do for her, ”begs Pineda.

In the midst of her agony, this mother made only one request: "to take good care of her children."

He also sent them a message: that he loved them with all his heart.

“I feel just as empty, afraid of being here without her. It was my right arm, now I have one foot and 5 children ”

“I feel like a powerless person, knowing that a life was lost for money, the mother of my children, so young, such a good wife, such a good mother, a very humble and hard-working woman. I don't want this to happen to another family, "he said.

This family has a Go Fund me page for those who want to do their bit.

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