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Palm Beach woman abducted an elderly man and bought his house for a dollar


Authorities arrested a woman of Cuban origin in Palm Beach County, north of Miami, on charges of exploitation, false imprisonment and harassment or intimidation of an elderly man.

The investigation began in August when agents received a report from two other neighbors alleging possible abuse of the elder by a woman identified as 44-year-old Maibell Batista.

According to the county police investigation, Batista offered to care for the elderly man after he suffered a stroke and heart attack last July, since the man had no close relatives.

Bruce Boardman, 71, was stripped of all his belongings by Batista and locked in a small room in his own home without even access to the television.

The woman took his license, social security card, bank card and cell phone from the man. In addition, he presented documents of a power of attorney that he had the victim sign.

Police said Bastida moved her belongings to the master bedroom and began redecorating the house despite the fact that, according to the woman, she lived next door with her husband and son.

Boardman was able to cross the street in August and told his neighbors that he was being held, so they immediately called the police.

The old man said that most of the time he never ate breakfast and sometimes only ate lunch or dinner, depending on when Bastida brought him something to eat.

Detectives discovered that Bastida transferred ownership of the Boardman home to herself, through a deed of resignation claim for the price of $ 1.

Court records showed that the mortgage on the property was more than $ 92,000.

The "deed of resignation" and the power of attorney documents were signed by the victim while he was being treated at the hospital, investigators said.

The man's account records showed purchases for food, although there was nothing in the cabinets in the house. They also recorded transactions at various businesses, including a nail salon, McDonald’s, Home Depot, Walmart and the Dollar Store.

Bastida has no criminal record and was being held on $ 275,000 bond.

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