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McDonald’s launches video starring Cuban “old men” in Miami

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The McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain has launched an ad with a tribute to Cuban grandparents residing in Florida.

This food franchise, one of the largest and most successful in the world, recreates a day in the life of a group of seniors who are in a company establishment located in Kendall, Miami, Cuba reported in Miami.

According to the video, these elderly people have been meeting on this site since 1997 to socialize, while tasting the famous McCafé products.

The commercial published on October 18 by YouTube lasts one minute and shows “the old men”, as the video is named, talking about times ago.

Telling stories, talking about the son and even brides, you see this group from the Greater Antilles, happy on stage.

During the advertising, a mixture of English and the very Cuban accent of these women and men is heard, who exchange, making the food chain in question part of their daily lives.

The audiovisual that to date has more than 9 thousand views, has the comment by McDonald’s:

"This is what" I'm lovin it "means to María, Víctor, and Rigoberto in Kendall, Florida." Translated into: "This is what 'I love' means to Maria, Victor and Rigoberto in Kendall, Florida."

A good amount of opinions includes the audiovisual material that makes people of all ages see the taste for this type of food.

"When I go to McDonald’s I always see older people, it’s amazing." "This is such a good ad that it tells people that the elderly can have it too."

"This reminds me of these two lovely old men at a Burger King, but instead of a group of several old men, each with a unique speech."

McDonald’s is a fast food franchise of American origin with more than 80 years of existence. The main headquarters of the company is located in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

The products that characterize this food chain are hamburgers, French fries, breakfast menus and soft drinks. Similarly, in the facilities there are varied offers available, from ice cream, smoothies and fruits.

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