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Miami-Dade schools announce changes to reports of misconduct

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This Thursday, Miami-Dade Public Schools announced changes in the way they report misconduct on campus.

These changes in the schools come weeks after a series of arrests of teachers accused of sexual assault against minors, reported Miami Word

The changes include all school employees who would have to report misconduct in schools to authorities.

On the agenda of the Miami Dade school board a change in its policy to report cases of inappropriate behavior in the district.

"Now what the policy says is that any report that comes to the attention of someone the school has to be reported to police officers, it has to go to a law enforce only department of education or to the principal of that school" stated Christi Fraga of the Miami-Dade school board.

"It is something that we have to confront to try to prevent cases in the future," Fraga said. And he added: "We have a lot of resources for them and what we have to do is do it more often, do it more repeatedly and really do evaluations to the teachers of the psychological part."

The amendment would fulfill a requirement of the department of education to maintain a permanent list of persons who do not qualify to work in a public or private school that participates in the state scholarship program.

The proposal comes about two weeks after the arrest of Miami Dade teachers accused of sexual assault against minors.

A representative of a Miami-Dade school indicated "a lot has already happened and at least something must be put in the way so that teachers that are not appropriate for children do not work in schools."

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