Gutter Guards - What are they and why are they beneficial?

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Introduction to Gutter Guards

If you live in wooded areas, and in particular in New England, each fall you find yourself struggling with gutter cleaning. But there is a solution that will prevent you from having to climb up the gutters or spending hundreds of dollars each year for professional gutter cleaning – installing gutter guards.

Gutter guards are essentially covers installed over the gutters to prevent debris and leaves from clogging the gutter itself and ensuring rainwater can pass freely down to the downspout and away from the foundation.

5 Reasons Why Gutter Guards Are Worth the Investment

Gutter guards will:

1) Prevent your gutter from clogging, enabling rainwater free flow

2) Eliminate the risk associated with gutter cleaning (climbing ladders is dangerous!)

3) Prevent ice dams from forming

4) Minimizes gutter corrosion and roof degradation

5) Return on investment within a couple of years due to elimination of annual gutter cleaning and maintenance.
Englert MicroGuardAvanti LLC

Where can you get gutter guards from?

If you live in Connecticut, Avanti LLC is a home improvement company that specializes in gutter and guard installation. They have over 20 years of experience and are EPA certified. The company is family owned and operated and takes pride in offering customized aluminum gutter solutions tailored to each home’s unique layout and design needs. Avanti offers the thickest gutter aluminum and secures the gutters with heavy duty hangers.   They are rated A+ on BBB and have a perfect Google Review Score of 5.0! We highly recommend you check them out on

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