How will Inflation Impact School PTA fundraisers?

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Here we are in 2022. Inflation is creeping higher and higher. COVID pandemic lock down supply chain issues was just the beginning. Next came the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As a result, many people are feeling the pinch. The question is how this will impact school fundraising.

Unless you are a coach, teacher or PTA member you might never think about this question. However, it is of upmost concern. After all, there is only so much expendable cash left over after expenses. Just ask anyone that has been to the grocery store lately. It is not uncommon for everyday items like milk, butter and eggs to jump 20% to 30% from your last purchase. As a result, many parents are complaining about the soaring cost of school supplies. A simple .50 cent spiral notebook will now put you back $2 or $3 each. That is a 6 times increase in price.

Many PTA groups recognizes and have started early in scheduling fundraisers for the school year. Mr.Joseph Wolpin, of, tells us. "Fundraising brochure requests are up over 20% over last year. Parents, booster clubs and school administrators are serious about their fundraising . COVID seems to be an annual thing we will all need to learn to live with. As a result parents are searching for "school fundraising ideas during COVID" again. They know they will have to work together to succeed this upcoming school season".

What does this mean for schools?

The following tips will help local PTA organizations with their fundraising during inflation. They can be remembered with the acronym the “4 P's”.

Plan early: The early bird gets the worm. This is even more important during a recession. The most successful fundraising events at school are well planned and thought out.

Properly communicate regularly: It is important to keep in regular contact with your supporters and donors. A newsletter is a great way to do this. Share money saving tips with your readers. Relate "feel good" stories about the students and how fundraising dollars have been put to good use. If you only contact your supporters when you want money from them you are making a big mistake. Communicate regularly with your community and turn them into raving fans.

Put your self in their place: You know how much things are costing you in this economy. If you as a parent are feeling the crunch... how many others are feeling the same financial pressures?

The lesson?

Look for school fundraiser ideas that are affordable to the people in your community. If you price the products too high it will limit the number of supporters you will find.

Pick "comfort food" items to sell: Did you know that during the COVID shutdown that candy, cookies and snacks sales jumped?

Why is that? People often look to their favorite "comfort foods" during a time of stress. So look for low ticket items that make people feel good. These often make very good fundraising products for schools.

Yes, inflation is here to stay at least for the time being. Money is short. People in your community are feeling their pocket books being stretched. Use these tips to help your school PTA raise the funds they need.

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