4 Ways To Make Your Workouts More Fun

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How To Make Your Workouts More Fun

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If you have been training your body for a long time, you know that sometimes the routine can become dull.

For some people, this may lead to them having no desire to go to the gym or to do the workout with 100% effort. Today, we’re going to show share some tips on how to make your workouts more fun.

Experiment With Exercises

One of the things you can do is to experiment with new exercises and add them to your routine. This will help you make your body guess, which will help you make your workouts more interesting. Besides that, doing so will also help you build muscle faster as your body will have to adapt to a new workout routine.

If you’re accustomed to doing only gym exercises, try a new style of workouts.

For example, if you typically train your chest with machines, switch to doing some calisthenics chest movements like ring dips. If you’re accustomed to doing lat pulldowns, try doing variations pullups instead.

If you try this approach, you find that your body will respond to this new challenge well and you’ll start building muscles faster.

Find A Workout Partner

Working out alone can sometimes be boring. For sure you’ll have days throughout your week where you will be tired, or stressed out, or will find another excuse not to train. This is where your commitment to your workout partner should come into play. It’s harder to let someone down than it is to procrastinate alone.

Another good reason for having a workout partner is that they can help you make your workouts more interesting. For example, you can play a “pullup ladder” game and compete with each other to see who can last longer. Or, you can try doing harder exercises like a bench press and your partner will support you and help you do more reps. This is especially helpful for heavy compound exercises that work for all the main muscle groups.

Play A Game

If you’re tired of boring treadmill runs as your cardio, you can find a sport or a game that you would be able to do instead of boring cardio. For instance, you can pick up swimming and do it 2-3 times per week as your cardio. Or, you can start playing tennis for example. You can even switch up - play tennis on Tuesday and Thursdays for example, and go swimming on Saturdays.

Set Goals

As humans, we are happy when we feel progress. And in order to make progress, we need a goal to progress to. That’s why it’s very important to set goals when you’re working out. You can set different types of goals: short-term (1-3 months), mid-term (3-12 months), and long-term (1+ year).

If you’re trying to lose weight for example, then you may set a goal to lose 5 or 10 pounds this month (depending on your current fitness level and goals). Once you reach that goal, you’ll be super happy and it will motivate you a lot to workout more and you’ll have more fun from your training.

It’s also important to set realistic goals that are challenging but doable. That’s because if you set the expectations too high and you won’t reach your goals by a certain deadline, you’ll become even more disappointed.


As you can see, there are many ways to make your workouts more fun even if you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut.

Give these tips a try and we’re sure you will see that your training will become much more enjoyable and you’ll start seeing results even faster.

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