The primary sources behind the rising transport costs

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The primary sources behind the rising car transport costs

Nowadays, various events have influenced the economies of different countries, resulting in a domino effect affecting every crucial sector. The transportation industry is one of the most hit industries when global events took place in the past few years such as the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rising fuel prices, come the expensive car transport rates and other transportation expenses. But what other factors caused such changes in the costs? Here, we present the five main reasons behind this economic phenomenon.

1. Gas prices are the primary source behind the rising transport costs

If you own a car or drive one, you’re pretty much aware of the increase in gas prices from previous years up until today. However, this is not an isolated case for those who only drive the nicest vehicles but for every car owner.

The rates of transporting a vehicle would also increase as a result of the rising gas prices. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has reported that the highest rate in 2022 was during mid-June, with 220 cents (AUD) per litre.

The statistics alone are enough for you to feel troubled about driving your car and possibly considering the option of moving to another state for cheaper options. But moving would entail spending more money on fuel. We advise allowing the professionals to manage the entire procedure compared to exerting effort to do it all by yourself.

2. The lack of drivers has also caused the price increase

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there was a decline in employment hours in 2022. Lots of individuals were employed in the transportation and warehousing industries which was a 3.7% decrease from the previous year. Such numbers could be attributed to the effects of the pandemic on the majority of employment. As a result, the trucking industry is left with no choice but to increase the costs of car shipping.
Bringing Your Car to the New Placesoppeltaxiogtranspor

3. The COVID-19 pandemic was both a medical and economic issue the world had to battle

As the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the normal operations of most industries and sectors were put to a sudden halt and aside from the issue of people contracting the virus, many lost their jobs and businesses. Although the world is slowly reverting to what we were used to doing before the pandemic arrived, it still couldn’t be concluded that we have won over it since we could still feel some of the effects like unemployment.

4. Many have been demanding car transport services during the pandemic

Notice how food delivery and other delivery errand services have become a trend during the pandemic since people are prohibited from going out too much as part of the health protocols enforced. Another reason for that would be employed individuals shifting their work to their homes, having to transfer their things from their respective workplaces to their homes.

5. The increase in toll fees has affected the car transport industry

Between the two, it’s much costlier when you drive compared to availing car transport services to deliver your car within the country. It’s not quite recommended that you opt to drive since it will possibly take you a very long time to reach your destination and that means having to spend a lot on your fuel as well as the food you will need to take to keep you on the way.

But your expenses aren’t the only thing you need to account for when you plan to move your car to another location. It would be beneficial on your part if you let professional car movers handle the shipping of your vehicle since they have advanced equipment and tools to carry out such an activity. In addition, they’ve undergone rigid training in order to make them capable of handling your vehicle with care.

Ways to Save Money When Bringing Your Car

You need to look for ways to save money when you pursue the plans of relocating to another place. While it’s hard, it is still possible to maintain your budget when you hire car moving services. You don’t have to exceed the amount you’ve solely allotted for the whole move. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind while you’re on a budget:

Select a car carrier that suits your vehicle well

There are two types of car trailers, one is the open trailer which has no walls around it and the other is the closed trailer. Depending on your preference, you may choose the one that keeps your car safe.

Schedule the appropriate time to move

Credible car transport service providers should be able to provide you with the best dates and time slots. Having to deliver your car directly to your location is usually much more expensive than just leaving it at the company and picking it up once it has arrived. You can search prospective car moving companies, their rates, and the availability of slots for your vehicle in sites like Upmove.

Choose a non-peak date

The month and day when you plan to have the car delivered is also a matter to assess. If you want to schedule your move, then make sure it isn’t on a day when the company is very busy handling other moving appointments. Be sure to pick a day where they’re able to fully focus on managing your car transport, recommends CEO Ola at søppeltaxiogtransport in Norway.

Always do background checks on the car transport companies

Please do not automatically assume that a company with a nice website can offer the best car transport service. You need to do your research and find out whether they’ve been compliant with the international standards of moving to make sure that you invest your money in the right company.


While it’s tempting to just drive your car during the relocation, a couple more bucks wouldn’t hurt if you choose an affordable yet highly-effective car transport company. Do a background check, ask around, and compare prices to find the best deal.

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