Why Is Valorant Seemingly Easier than Any Other FPS Game?



Depending on your strengths it will seem easier or harder. Here are some reasons why it may seem easier or harder depending on your strengths and weaknesses

  • Valorant is a newer game

Since Val is a newer game there are more inexperienced/young players joining the game. Since this game is similar in mechanics to CSGO you may have an advantage over them, as they are just learning the game while you only have to adapt to it.

This may be hard for some people who excel at teamwork, if unable to make up for a lack of skills.

  • Valorant Aiming Mechanics

Similar to CSGO, you have a crosshair, and a recoil pattern that strays from the crosshair while spraying. If you played CSGO you should be familiar with this, leading back to reason 1. However, in addition to this Valorant uses outlines to highlight enemy players and objects. making them pop against the background. CSGO does not have this. If you are weak at detection you will most definitely be better at Valorant. Gunplay is also slightly different. Since the maps are more focused on close-range engagements targets may seem closer/bigger which may help with the aim. As many struggles with hitting really small objects on their screen.

On the contrary, You may not excel under pressure or do well in close-range engagements. Due to Valorant’s combat being much closer you may find it more difficult.

  • The Games are fundamentally different

Valorant has much slower and refined movement compared to CSGO. In addition to that, bunnyhopping, boosting, surfing and more mechanics are not as relevant in Valorant, due to a different engine being used. You are not restricted to certain guns depending on sides like CSGO. Valorant also revolves around ability usage. Which is exclusive to the character you pick on the lock screen. In CSGO, everyone can have the same utility. Meaning the only way you can have an upper hand is skill or teamwork. CSGO also has a series of complicated maps compared to Valorant’s more simple boxy design. This is means having bad movement is less punishing than harder maps in CSGO.

Skill still applies to both games, however, it is more important in CSGO considering there is almost no limitation to utility in the game compared to Valorant, which is decided when you lock.

In the end, it's up to your strengths and weaknesses. Though nothing will stop you from improving and turning those weaknesses into strengths later on.

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