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I’m in dilemma as of Halo Infinite. I am a huge Halo fan, in fact, hardcore one since I was a little kid. Having gr up with the franchise, I love all games, except for Halo 5 Guardians which kinda lacks the glamor, which its predecessors, of course, do exhibit.

Gameplay-wise, the game is for the most part great. In my opinion, of course, the mechanics are decent and I really like how certain weapons have their accuracy light years better than their counterparts in previous installments. If they establish the stuff such as loadouts and armor abilities, well I would consent to it, though many people would not comply with 343’s option.

But now, if we are to unwrap what we know at this point, this is a worrying segment of the story that really bothers me :

Apparently, the UNSC’s battle against the Banished on Zeta Halo (Installation 07) was an atrocious defeat for humanity. Multiple UNSC forces were eliminated, the remaining ones are scattered and in no good position to survive by themselves, and eventually, some get hunted down.

But the main point of my conjecture is that the scene above shows UNSC forces listed under the Infinity, and they are deceased. And even if things are not clear-cut, this might be a hint that the Infinity ship is destroyed behind the scenes. To begin with, if that’s true it would cause lots of dissatisfaction, for me too.

Such a move can only have merits on theory, but not otherwise. That way everything feels even more desperate than it ever was, it raises the stakes and keeps that sense of things being dire for humanity. Don’t get me wrong, that sense was always a part of the main narrative. Halo 3 ODST had these apocalyptic vibes done well, at least to my personal experience.

But now that Earth is lost, now that Infinity is the supposed new bastion of hope for mankind, I expect this to be the new ‘’home’’ and subject that gives both purpose and ambition. Even if Infinity gets destroyed, let it show up during the campaign while doing something rather than being a cutscenes material.

I don’t know if the Infinity caused that huge breach in Zeta Halo, but I expect them to not make it so, that ship can actually collapse the entire ring as it’s more powerful and massive than the Pillar of Autumn, for example. We haven’t seen much of the campaign yet, but I hope Chief is not one-man army, instead of being accompanied by troopers at some point, that way we can feel the sense games like CE, 2, etc gave.

If 343 Industries really care to hear the fans out, then it’s both likely and fortunate for us fans that characters such as Arbiter might make a grand return to the center of events in Halo Infinite. And I think they will actually put some effort to stick the characters to their true self-essence so far, expanding the principal theme of heroes.

But that’s all about the story, I assume. As long as they respect what came before and don’t follow alternatives that the fans likely won’t prefer, it will be fine. About vehicles and stuff, I really hope they take on the pattern from Halo 4. If we are to discuss the grappling hook, it’s a gadget I first did not like but now kinda approve. It seems a practical tool in the gameplay regarding Halo Infinite.

So yes, I have high expectations from Halo Infinite, being the conclusion of the Reclaimer Saga. I expect them to respect the fans’ demands and keep both the gameplay and story amazing. We still don’t know anything about the story, so we can only sit, wait, relax, and when it comes out, we’ll form our opinions.

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