What Exactly Is Facebook's Metaverse?


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Want to visit exotic places… just at your home like what you see in the movie Ready Player One? Through Metaverse technology it is possible. It is the same technology which Facebook is working on: before all, let's understand what metaverse is:

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What is metaverse tech?

Metaverse is the next revolution after the internet, Metaverse is similar to the internet as in 1993-94. In simple words, it is a virtual (feeling) world which you can enter through your virtual identity. It is like a parallel world where you can wander, shop, meet people, etc. For instance, through the internet, you can video call your relatives. But with metaverse, you can see the person whom you are calling – it will feel just like they are in front of you!

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So, in short, the metaverse is: physical world + digital world + augmented reality.

The idea of metaverse was described in the book Snow Crash by Neal, it was described as the future. Later many movies like “Matrix and Ready Player One” were also inspired by this idea. This was conveyed as fiction but is now coming into reality!!

Facebook’s steps in Metaverse 👣

As discussed, Facebook is entering Metaverse technology and it has taken steps like:

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1) Change in name 🔁

Facebook has said that it will change its name by 28 October 2021 most probably and will focus on Metaverse technology

2) Announced $50 million funds 💰

Facebook has also announced a grand fund of $50 million which it will use in the period of 2 years building the Metaverse Tech!

3) 10,000 people to be hired in the EU 💼

The company will soon be hiring 10,000 people in the EU for the Metaverse Project

4) Civil Rules 📜

Facebook has started on going about what rules will this virtual world has. For instance, rules regarding what if a person bullies or harasses other people or something.

Other companies that are working on Metaverse: 💻

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Companies like Nvidia, Epic Games, Google, Microsoft, and now Facebook have been working on this project. They all mainly aim to create a virtual world in reality. We can expect to see a proper model of it by the next 5 years!

Let's see the work of each company in detail:

Fortnite by Epic Games– Fortnite is said to be working in the Metaverse space for more than a year. Recently, just two months back, it organized a concert by big names like Travis Scott, Marshmellow, and Ariana Grande. How they created this is: gamers logged in from their device and watched the concert live, in the concert they could move and dance (virtually in the game). To create this even more fantastic, it allowed users to buy digital merch to use – just like in a real concert!

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Fortnite has worked a lot in this field and it is the company that is ahead of any other company.

It has just started by inviting big names and perhaps plans to connect small creators as well.

Moving on to:

Facebook: Facebook has worked on Oculus which allows a VR meeting with 16 people, which makes it feel like everyone is nearby and is sitting together even if they are not. It will also perhaps work on other projects in the future than Oculus

Microsoft: Microsoft is planning to build a twin world in which you can see all the buildings, homes in VR. Basically a virtual copy of the real world. It will help in saving time and money as if there is to be made a building, for example, then the head engineer won't be available to join to see what all is to be fixed so the engineer can simply see it virtually and tell the solutions. This project can also give a virtual shopping experience.

Are you excited about the metaverse? I for one am quite thrilled. If the future is coming our way, let's hope it comes sooner than later!

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