How to Be Awesome at Fortnite?

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I still hear the RPG Jack O’ Lantern’s laugh in my nightmares. I’ve been playing Fortnite Battle Royale for almost a year now. Since the release of its game, I’ve earned over 730 wins with 11,000 kills. I have plenty of other stats that confirm my credibility, but I’m here to offer you advice on getting better.

Before getting into all the details the number one thing if you want to get better is to practice. Simple enough, right? Well just like anything, what you practice and how you go about it impact improvement. Putting in the many hours on the game will make you improve regardless, but we are trying to lessen the learning curve here so you can impress your friends, outbuild that tough teammate, or clutch that 1 v 2.

Basic Tips:
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  1. Drop at a place you know well. Somewhere far away from other competitors. (Motel, lucky landing, flush factory, junk junction, lonely lodge, etc.)
  2. Turn headphones on all audio. Wearing headphones lets you hear enemy footsteps, chests, airdrops, enemy fighting, etc.
  3. Essential inventory: Make sure you have the basics. AR, Shotgun, SMG, Heals/shield, sniper. Fill your best loadout as fast as you can.
  4. Health. Find shields and stockpile them all. 100 shield is critical to survival.
  5. Materials: try to get 999+ wood as quickly as you can. Running out of resources is a death sentence.
  6. Avoidance is key. If you want the best chance to win. Limiting the number of fights is a must.

Advanced Tips:
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  1. Building. You have to get better at building. Hands down it saves your life the most times. Watch streamers on YouTube, view tutorials, and then practice in-game. Knowing how to build and rush is an important skill. With Playground as an LTM, there is no excuse for you to not improve your building. If you’re on a console, the Builder Pro controller layout is a must. Building is a way to get the high ground on your enemy. Double stairs/wall is difficult for your enemy to shoot down. Get creative and let the building placements flow.
  2. Gameplay reflection: Every time you lose a fight, instead of readying up right away, sit back and think about what went wrong. Then consider what you could have done to win the fight. These moments of reflection will serve as compound interest. The next time you’re in a difficult situation you’ll remember to not make the fatal mistake you did 3 games ago.
  3. Headshots: As Fortnite has grown in popularity, the average skill level of players has increased. With more and more players able to hit their shots, you need to improve your aim. That means practice again. Hitting your snipes, AR, and pump shots, won’t do the trick. It’s the same thing the enemy is doing. You have to hit the headshots. The damage multiplier will ensure you come out on top. These days SMGs are used by every no-skin/non-skilled player. You need to hit more headshots than they hit body shots on you to eliminate them.
  4. Rushing: Even if you suck at rushing opponents you need to practice this. It’s better to rush than be rushed. It gives you the advantage and catching an opponent by surprise leaves them more likely to make an error.
  5. Practicing in solo duos or solo squads. Being outnumbered is always a disadvantage and I love it. 1 v 2’s are hard to clutch, but practicing over and over makes you better. Then when you go from fighting two opponents to one opponent all the time, it’s a confidence boost.
  6. Drop location: Start dropping in busier spots. Practicing eliminating a ton of opponents when you have very few materials and poor loot. Trust me it makes you more resourceful under pressure.
  7. Airdrops: go for the supply drops. Best weapons in the game at times. Make it worth it.
  8. Materials: I’ve found the more enemies I defeat. The better loot and more material/ammo I gain. It’s a time saver when I don’t have to harvest trees all game.

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