How Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?

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It’s a fun game in its own right. If you like the Dragon Ball franchise anyway.

It's also a big step up from X1. More transformations (not just Saiyans, but the other races as well), more moves, more DLC, and counter abilities to even the odds.

Each race also has its own perks and downsides. Like, Saiyans have the lowest base health but can deal massive damage. Male majins get defense boosts, but damage increases the lower your stamina is. Whereas the female majin, while not as tanky, has the quickest stamina recovery.

Also, the game is going to get at least one more DLC package based off the upcoming Broly movie. So it still receives support.

For the transformations;

Saiyans of course of SSJ1, 2, 3. Super Vegeta 1, 2 (SSJ 1–3 boosts more in the physical attacks, Vegeta with the Ki attacks), Future Super Saiayan (1 level, lowest boosts, but quickest Ki build up), and SSJ blue (massive balanced boost, but steady ki drain that can be countered with the right loadout).

Humans- Flying nimbus/Power Pole combo (though Potential Unleashed is best with them)

Namekians- Giant Form (but it's kind of useless, even this late into the game’s life).

Freeza Race- Golden Form (changes base ki attack and held ki attack, boosts speed and overall ki blast skill)

Majins- Purified Form (Kid Buu). The latest update made it more viable, at least with female majins.
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Most definitely one of the best dbz/dbs games ever for console better then x1 more transformations more skills better gameplay cool events etc 10/10 must recommend

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