Grand Theft Auto VI in Development?

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New but not-so-optimistic rumors have surfaced around Rockstar, but let’s start with Grand Theft Auto VI…

Which we can say just as confidently as the next part of Call of Duty (which has already turned around in the news today). A video was also translated on NeoGAF in which a person named Chris Klippel said he called the development of the “six ghettos” horrible. He can’t go into details about it, but his sources have confirmed that it has become Rockstar’s most chaotic project to date since its inception.

We could rightly suggest here that Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption 2 were similarly bumpy from plan to the player, but a Rockstar Mag correspondent said that the case of the two games just mentioned should be treated as nothing compared to the situation in Grand Theft Auto VI. . He added that the problems arose at the level of the scenario: due to its multiple changes, the characters, narrative, location, and world of the game also underwent multiple modifications. Rockstar is said to have stepped into the ideas several times since 2014, and in 2019 completely rebooted the Grand Theft Auto VI… which it wanted to unveil in principle in the spring of 2020. Ouch!

Then there’s a Frenchman's video, in which we can also hear about Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar Games is said to be more than just Grand Theft Auto: It deals with The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, but you can also make another version of the first part of Red Dead Redemption, but we still have to wait a long time for that, because according to the video, it won’t be released any time soon. And for that reason, maybe it’s better not to guess if there will be an engine change here as well (the PlayStation 2’s Grand Theft Auto triple upgrade will also move to Unreal Engine 4).

Here, we point out that it’s all unofficial yet, but for sure, in the case of Grand Theft Auto, the studio (and the label, Take-Two) seem to be afraid to innovate.

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