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Look: Magnolia, Cherry, Japanese Maple Trees - Brooklyn’s Prospect Park


Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is impressive right now, with its gorgeous flowering trees. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, consider a stroll through the Long Meadow, where you can see the cluster of magnolia trees and cherry trees, currently in full bloom.

These beauties won’t last long. Some of the trees are already beginning to transition to their new green leaves. Check out the photos below, taken yesterday afternoon, April 14, 2021.

As you can see, this grassy hill is already littered with fallen petals.

A close up of the magnolia flowers.

In the photo above, you can see a wide view of the magnolia and cherry trees blooming along the northeast edge of the Long Meadow in Prospect Park.

A group of people shared a picnic under this magnolia tree.

Runners paused to take photos of the towering beauties.

These magnolia trees were barely in bloom a week ago. Now, they’re full and shedding.

Another view of the magnolia and cherry trees, facing the Long Meadow.

The bright yellow bush along the bike path is forsythia. Above, the tree with white flowers is a pin cherry tree. If you search for “11000” on this Interactive Tree Map, you can find its exact location in Prospect Park.

Here’s another view of the pin cherry tree. A woman takes a rest on the park bench, facing the Long Meadow.

View from underneath the pin cherry tree.

A small cherry tree, above, among the magnolias.

From this angle, you can only see the beautiful magnolia. But the next view will show the cherry tree hidden behind it, below.

Magnolia and cherry trees in Prospect Park.

The darker tree is a magnolia, and the other one is a Yoshino cherry tree.

Look at this magnificent Japanese maple (above), located just outside the Meadowport Arch. The walkway leads out from the Long Meadow, on the west side, heading toward Grand Army Plaza.

View from underneath the Japanese maple canopy. If you search for “9944” on this Interactive Tree Map, you can find its exact location in Prospect Park.

The newly-planted trees pictured above, lining the walkway onto West Dr, are crabapple trees.

On the west side of the Long Meadow, these cherry trees were mesmerizing.

Here’s a view from underneath the cherry tree.

A close up of the cherry blossoms.

The clusters were so beautiful. I stood underneath this tree for a while, unable to fully capture its mesmerizing quality.

In the photo above, a young cherry tree has new green leaves coming in. If you search for “10729” on this Interactive Tree Map, you can find its exact location in Prospect Park.

A few days ago, this cherry tree was entirely pink. Now you can see the mix of green coming in.

A close up of the cherry tree with some dogwood trees hovering in the left corners.

Even if you miss the full bloom, it’s still worth heading to the park soon. The colorful petals, strewn across the forest floor, look beautiful, too. The photo above was taken near Prospect Park’s official entrance, at Grand Army Plaza.

If you go to the park on Saturday, you can also buy flowers from the farmer's market, located in the plaza from 8am to 3pm. Find more information at the Grow NYC Greenmarket website. Last weekend, Lebak Farm was selling forsythia bundles.

Compare the images above with the photos taken at Prospect Park on April 3. It's amazing how much the magnolia trees changed in the course of a few days.

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