Sweet and Savory Pennsylvania Dutch Foods, Perfect For The Super Bowl

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When our own Pennsylvania team is making it to the Super Bowl (will they win?!), we celebrate. Big time. With lots of food.

Here are some classic Pennsylvania Dutch staples, perfect to consume on the biggest game day of the year.

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is a common meal across the country, but in our state, more specifically, within Pennsylvania Dutch Country, it's made a bit different.

Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie is not encased in a crust.

It's more of a thick soup, or stew, even. Generously filled with wide, flat noodles, chicken chunks, and hearty vegetables such as onions, potatoes, and carrots.

Recipe: Here.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a sweet and sour mix of pickled vegetables.

More often than not, you'll find it served as a side, complementing a hearty Pennsylvania Dutch meal but it's also great to have alongside pretzels, as a game day snack. Its ingredients vary considerably, depending on whether it is the Northern, primarily Pennsylvanian, or Southern variety.

Recipe: Here.

Pickled Eggs

A Pennsylvania Dutch favorite. Pickled eggs are hard-boiled eggs, pickled with a mix of spices and freshly cooked red beets. The beet juice mixture allows for a gorgeous pink color in the egg whites while the yolk stays a nice golden yellow. Ideal as a party app.

Recipe: Here.

Apple dumplings

So, so good. Apple dumplings consist of crisp apples mixed with a flaky dough with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter. The dessert can be served alone but taste amazing when topped with vanilla ice cream.

Recipe: Here.

Shoofly pie

Shoofly pie is a Lancaster County classic.

If you're up for a drive, I recommend driving to one of the local bakeries to secure a shoofly pie for the game. A bakery in Bird-in-Hand is particularly popular: The local bakery prepares the shoofly pie from an old family recipe handed down for generations and fine-tuned by Grandma Smucker. Over time, it has become one of Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe’s most popular menu items. Or you can make it, from scratch.

Recipe: Here.

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