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This Stunning Destination in Arizona is Rated Among The Best Places to Visit for a Cheap Weekend Getaway

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Holidays spent with family is great, but sometimes, it can become a little too much. In those situations, what's better than a weekend getaway?

The travel website Trips to Discover has compiled an amazing list of the best cheap weekend getaways in the country.

Tucson, Arizona is one of the cities worth visiting, especially if you're on a budget, and if you enjoy spending time outside in nature.

For the active tourist

For the active tourist and outdoor enthusiast, Saguaro National Park, pictured above, is a must-see.

Strolling these trails, you'll see enormous cacti. In fact, Tucson is home to the nation's largest cacti. The large saguaro has become the universal symbol of the American west. These majestic plants, found only in a small portion of the country, are protected by Saguaro National Park.

Whether you're in it to show off on social media or for a quiet, peaceful retreat, simply being in this unique scenery is worth spending a few hours on.

A big plus, visiting the park is quite affordable. Entering without a vehicle is $15, if you come by car, it's $25. And, it's valid for seven days. There are also a handful of fee-free days offered throughout the year.

Sunny, historic city

For decades, Tucson has been a go-to destination for travelers seeking rest and relaxation in the gorgeous Sonoran desert. With 350+ days of sunshine a year, Tucson is also one of the sunniest cities in the United States.

As someone currently experiencing the cold, bitter Northeastern breeze, the city simply sounds amazing to visit for that reason. Also, sunny weather tends to make any vacation better.

Add the fact that Tucson is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy because their local food tells a story that dates back 4,000 years, and I'm tempted to make this my next weekend getaway. Browsing local restaurants, I also see that many of the spots offer food in the $10-$20 range.

The city’s culinary heritage is reflecting Mexican and Native American traditions, and here, eating local means honoring history. Yes to that.

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