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Root's Country Market: 4 Vendor Highlights [Food & Sweets]

Melissa Frost
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Have you been to Root's Market & Auction? This place is a large, hidden gem in Manheim, surrounded by fields and farmland beauty. Root's is the oldest single family-run country market in Lancaster County. With warmer days ahead, this is a fun local spot to visit, not just for the food and sweets, but the experience itself.

Root's started in 1925 focusing on auctions, but today, this place is so much more. With over 200 vendors, there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for produce, sweets, clothes, or antiques.

They are only open on Tuesdays, and I recommend making sure you have enough time when going here. I've listed four of the vendors serving food and sweets worth tasting. Needless to say, you've got 200 to choose between so don't feel limited to these highlights.

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot is a third-generation bakery, specializing in whoopie pies, offering no less than 20 different versions. They have homemade candies, handy cakes and crack bars. And for those over 21 years old, boozy pies! As the name implies, boozy pie is a version of a grown-up whoopie pie, filled with liquor, beer or wine. A fun party dessert!

Their peanut butter eggs and chocolate-dipped pretzels cookies are a local favorite.

The Sweet Spot has been a Root's standholder since 1985 and is located in building 1.

Michael's Homestyle Breads

Michael's Homestyle Breads has been dishing up bread and sticky buns in the community for nearly 40 years. Quality ingredients, made from scratch and hand-rolled, make this vendor a favorite. Some of the options are cinnamon swirls bread, garlic rye bread, and onion pumpernickel rolls.

Michael's Homestyle Breads has been a Root's standholder since before 1981 and can be found in building 4.


If you enjoy cheese or high-quality deli meat, Conrad’s Deli is worth checking out. They specialize in quality, locally produced lunch meats and cheeses but also offer a diverse selection of artisan beef jerky, snack sticks, fresh sausage, smoked hams, hot dogs, ring bologna, scrapple, and bacon. In their selection, you'll also find several local brands including Groff’s Meats and Stolzfus Meats.

Conrad's has been a Root's standholder since 1985, and can be found in building 1 as well.

Bird-in-Hand Bakery

With baked goods made from scratch, many of them original, old recipes, Bird-in-Hand Bakery feels like visiting a historic stand. Here, you'll get wet-bottom shoofly pies, giant apple fritters, and other Pennsylvania Dutch favorites.
Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

The Smucker family running the stand has deep roots in the county, and some of the baked goods served here are made by using grandma Smucker's well-kept recipes.

Bird-in-Hand Bakery has been a Root's standholder since 1989.

Address: Root's is located at 705 Graystone Road, Manheim, PA 17545

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