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Dining at Josephine's in Downtown Lancaster, PA

Melissa Frost
Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

This spot is elegant dining at its best. As you're walking down the stairs into this restaurant located underground at West Grant Street, it's impossible to not notice all the stunning decorations. Everything from the wall art and light fixtures to how the tables are set up is done beautifully.

Creative touch

The menu is something else. You'll find seaweed pasta, A5 Wagyu (!), bi-color corn custard, short rib with sweet potato hash, to name a few. I went with the latter, pictured below.
Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

But this time eating out, the entree, as delicious as it was, will not get all the attention. The dessert deserves that. Praline Chocolate Rocher – a dark chocolate mousse with caramelized pecan, made to perfection. This is a dessert inspired by one of my favorite chocolates. It was so good I could've had more, but at $13 I stuck to one. It was worth every penny and I might end up visiting again soon just to be able to enjoy this dessert again.
Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

Everything they serve at Josephine's is made from scratch by their imaginative chefs, crafting a creative and delicious fare with unique dishes. There is nothing boring, ordinary featured in this menu.

The story

Josephine's is a fairly new addition to the Lancaster city food scene, but the restaurant has a rich history nonetheless. The story of Josephine’s begins during their executive chef Daniel LeBoon’s childhood. At eight years old, working for his father’s catering company, LeBoon discovered a passion for food. This stuck with him, and the executive chef got to intern at Philadelphia’s prestigious Le Bec-Fin. His journey continued in Paris, at the high-end Hotel Vernet working under the renowned chefs Alain Solvere and Alain Ducasse.

In 2004, LeBoon purchased Josephine’s in Marietta and developed an extremely loyal following based on the combination of great food, great atmosphere, and great hospitality. Although Josephine’s closed in 2011, the name and the experiences are fondly remembered.


Now in Lancaster city, Josephine's is a restaurant worth visiting. It's a popular spot, especially during weekends, and I'd recommend making reservations a few days before going. It gets busy, we were lucky to get a table and we made reservations three days prior to dining here.

Address: Josephine's is located at 50 West Grant Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.

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